Tiger Woods- Is This PR?

With all of the rumors floating around about Tiger Woods’ alleged affairs and now his indefinite end to golf, I figured I would write about him for my last “Is This PR”.  I’ve recently read blogs saying that keeping quiet is horrible PR for Tiger Woods because it’s making people wonder about the situation even more.  His not speaking is like a company saying “no comment” when they are faced with a crisis.

This scandal is also hurting his business as a spokesman for many businesses.   Tiger represents many different well-known brands and there is no way that this situation is helping those brands.  Since Tiger represents these brands using golf-related commercials, my prediction is that his indefinite end to golf will hurt him.  For example, Gatorade has already dropped Tiger themed sports drinks.  When thinking about the brand Nike, Tiger’s name and the game of golf immediately comes to mind.  I wonder what will happen to Tiger’s contract with Nike now that he is taking a break from golf.  Why wouldn’t brands ask someone else more credible become a spokesman for them?  The video is a parody that shows why a brand should chose another spokesman than Tiger.

There are a lot of unknowns that will come to the surface in time.  I know that this has been bad PR for Tiger.  Hopefully he will break the silence soon.