REEF Sandals- Corporate Social Responsibility

My neighbors, Sam and Alex are addicted to their REEF sandals.  They wear them year-round and have multiple pairs of them.  Sam even sports a bumper sticker on the back of his truck to show his love for the brand. 

After researching REEF Sandals, I found out that they have a program called Reef Redemption.  This is their form of Corporate Social Responsibility.  The Reef Redemption Program is categorized into three components: Product Series, Culture of Giving, and In House Efforts.  All of these components are practiced in order to help the environment. 

REEF has brought out new products that use recycled and organic materials in order to help the environment.

REEF also gives 1% of the sales of their new products to non-profit environmental foundations.

REEF employees have jumped on board and introduced environmentally savvy ways to reduce the use of energy and materials.

What’s interesting is that REEF has appointed 3 “Team Ambassadors” to help raise awareness of Reef Redemption.  These ambassadors are  well-known surfers that travel to surf in exotic locations and spread the word about making the environment a better place. 

It makes sense that REEF has targeted environmental issues using CSR because their customers are ones that usually spend their time outside enjoying the environment.