Good PR: ZWACK Vodka

I learned two things last week while I was on Spring Break.  The first thing I learned is that college students love free giveaways.

For Spring Break, my friends and I packed up our cars and headed to Garden City for a week of friendship, fun, and frolicking on the beach.  Since we’re all 21, we decided to go out one night to a bar in Murrell’s Inlet called the “Beaver Bar”.  There was a promotion going on with a new kind of vodka called Zwack.  And by new… I mean it originated in 1790.  I call it new because none of my friends nor I had ever heard of the stuff.  The Zwack promotion girls were dressed in all Zwack gear and handed out free hats, t-shirts, shot glasses, and shots of Zwack.  The only thing that anyone had to do to win Zwack gear was play a mini air hockey game against a friend while blindfolded.   

I think Zwack did a great job of promoting their product at the bar.  They targeted the right audience: college students on break.  They engaged their targets by having them play games and stick around the Zwack girls.  They also gave out gear that college students want to wear.  Every day after we were given the Zwack gear, at least one person wore their Zwack shirt out to the beach.  I’m not sure if Zwack Vodka is available at every bar- maybe not even the ones at Clemson, but I can bet that some of my friends will start asking for it when we go out.  Here is a picture of most of the people who I spent my break with in our Zwack gear:


The second thing I learned on Spring Break this year? No matter how old you are, or how many times you’ve seen them, spotting dolphins while sitting on the beach is still awesome.