Public Relations Current Jobs

In my public relations class, we were given an assignment to look up the job descriptions for some current PR available jobs.  I chose to look through the job search on the PRSA site first.  I found a job as a Public Relations Director at FOLIOfn which required that the applicant have strong teamwork skills, a track record in dealing with the media, blogger outreach, and the ability to work with senior management.  If hired, the director would write press releases, initiate media relations and social media outreach, and other efforts to raise awareness of FOLIOfn.

I also found a position as the Manager of Public Relations for Staples.  The qualities of the applicant is required to have high energy, excited about working on creative PR programs, and confident with counseling executive team members.  The applicant must have good oral and written skills and experience with dealing with crisis management and communicaiton.  The applicant’s main job description included developing PR initiatives, managing the media and provide PR couseling to the business team.

 The other open positions that I found had similar job duties as well as certain charactersitics that applicants had to have.  They all had to be organized, team working skills, and a bachelors degree in communicaitons.  I thought it was interesting that although the job descriptions differed, they were all very much alike.  I’m sure with each job, there are specific duties that are learned after an applicant is chosen, but those specifics were not listed.

Public Relations and Marketing- IMC

After reading chapter 13, I better understood the major differences between public relations and marketing. It was helpful because currently, I work as the marketing director at Toussaint Law Firm and sometimes I feel as though the things I do could be put into a public relations category.  While public relations, advertising, and marketing all follow the same process of researching, planning, communication, and evaluation, they are focused on different things.  The specific way that our book describes the differences in public relations is that it is focused on many publics instead of just on consumers.  I found this series of photos on The Ads of the World that shows the difference between marketing, PR and advertising.  While this series of photos comically describes differences, it is very precise in its quick descriptions.

While marketing consists of the four P’s (product, price, place, and promotion), public relations focuses on the promotion.  Through IMC (integrated marketing communications)  strategies, companies develop plans to market different products in different ways.  IMC differs from mass marketing in that it focuses on individual consumers, practitioners use databases to target consumers, practitioners send out well-focused messages, use consumer-preferred media to send their marketing messages, and favor interactive media. 

After reading this chapter, I’ve realized that I do a little bit of public relations as well as marketing work at TLF.  Maybe I should change my title. 🙂

Introduction for Public Relations Class

Hi Everyone in Professor Vargas’ class!  My name is Madison Fisher and I am a senior communications major at Clemson University.  I am currently enrolled in Professor Lauren Vargas’ Principles of Public Relations class.  I have held a few internships in public relations and am very interested in pursuing a career in this area. 

I started interning at the Verizon Wireless corporate headquarters in Greenville, S.C. for North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee after my freshman year of college and continued the same internship during my next summer as well.  I worked under Carly Culbertson, the then public relations manager for the Carolinas/Tennessee region.  While interning under Carly for two summers, I also interned at  Jeff Dezen Public Relations (JDPR) in downtown Greenville, S.C. for a few days a week. 

This past summer, I strictly interned for Jeff Dezen Public Relations and worked mainly on the Verizon account.  I also began interning at Toussaint Law Firm in Seneca, S.C. as their marketing director.  I’ve enjoyed all of my internships and have gained valuable experience that I hope will help me in the future. 

Last semester, I took Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu’s public relation stakeholder communication class.  It’s interesting to see how my classes at Clemson have actually helped me in my internships.  I’m looking forward to learning more basic theories and practices of public relations through this semester’s Principles of Public Relations class.

I’ve had my blog for about 9 months now and I can see that my blog posts have slowly matured.  I hope to continue to learn and add more ideas and thoughts about public relations through my blog.  Let me know if you have any suggestions!!