Week 39: Robert & Madison Time

Over the past week, Greenville’s spring/summer weather has blossomed and Robert and I are so stinking excited that we can’t stand it. We’ve spent every moment possible outside taking walks, lounging by the pool, sitting on our front porch, walking around downtown and cherishing every single moment with each other.

This week, I’ve started to have Braxton Hicks contractions! My wonderful friend Lauren gave me a gift certificate for a mani/pedi which I took full advantage of on Wednesday. That next morning, I woke up to a really hard stomach. (I’ve always heard that pedis can help kick-start labor…) I immediately called Robert to tell him and he was super excited saying “tell Baby Girl to COME ON.” I also group texted my family telling them not to freak, and of course, my sister responded “go to the doctor ASAP.” 🙂 I knew that I had a doctor’s appointment that Thursday afternoon, so I figured I’d ask my doctor about it then. The small-ish contractions continued throughout the day, but never really hurt. In fact, the only way I knew I was having them was when I went to touch my stomach and felt the hardness.

When I got to the doctor that afternoon, I told her what I’d been feeling and she suggested that she measure me to see if I was dilated. After her exam, she told me I was .5cm dilated, which, she said, basically meant nothing. She said it could mean that I was going to go into labor that night OR I could wait another 2 weeks and still not have the baby. It put my mind at ease.

On Friday, we grabbed pizza downtown and walked for about 3 miles up and down mainstream and near the suspension bridge. Saturday was filled with pool time and visiting Artisphere and making a delish strawberry/spinach salad for dinner. For Mother’s Day on Sunday, I woke up to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card from Robert. He made sure to let me know that the flowers were from both the Baby and him. ❤ We took my mom and dad to breakfast after church and then played 18 holes of golf on Sunday afternoon. This baby bump is seriously balancing out my golf shot. Mother’s Day made me even more excited for our baby to make her way into the world.

Everyone keeps asking me if I think I’ll have Baby Girl early. But, outside of work, I’m one of those people who takes deadlines to the absolute last minute. I wait to fill up on gas until I’m literally coasting into the gas station; I change my oil when either my dad or Robert tells me that my engine will probably blow up soon; and if we have dinner reservations at 7, I take my time getting ready so that we get to the restaurant at 6:59. So, my thought is that if this baby is anything like me, she’ll either decide to make her appearance on or after her May 17 due date. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine with me. 🙂

Weeks 37 & 38: Two weeks left!

Weeks 37 & 38 absolutely flew by! On the weekend when I reached week 37, Robert and I had a nice date night downtown on Friday, went to church and met my parents and our family friends for dinner on Saturday, and I played tennis with my mom on Sunday. My mom kicked my butt on the court! I can no longer run for her short shots, but I tried to keep up as best as possible. 🙂  My mom was always so patient in teaching us when we were little and it clearly paid off. I can only imagine the day when my Baby Girl and I can play tennis together.


Our view on our walk through downtown Greenville <3

Our view on our walk through downtown Greenville ❤

37 Weeks!

37 Weeks!

Because of a large event I had going on at work during leading up to week 38, I took Friday off to rest and prepare more for Baby Wilson. Robert got off work early, so we called up Fox Run and played 9 holes. We made it through about 5 holes before asking the two men behind us to join us. They were so nice and had very complimentary things to say throughout the last few holes. We headed over to our friend’s house to grill out after golf and saw their beautiful new nursery! We’re so excited that Jess’ due date is so close to ours. Our babies are going to be instant friends. 🙂

On Saturday, I did Body Combat with my mom and felt great! Merr was in town for a wedding this weekend, so my mom, Merr and I headed out Saturday morning to do a little shopping and run errands. Afterward, Robert and I soaked in the sun out by our newly opened neighborhood pool for a bit, watched the Kentucky Derby and walked over to our new neighbor’s house for drinks. They have a cutie little 6-month old boy and it made both Robert and I even more excited for our baby to come into the world! It was really nice to have both of our neighbors to bounce ideas off of,

Sunday was a Robert/Maddy day. We cleaned the house, lounged at the pool and then spent the afternoon walking around Downtown Greenville. We walked about 2 miles down Main Street and on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. After all of our walking, we decided to grab dinner at Grill Marks before heading home. I cannot wait until we can take Baby Girl to Falls Park. We’re very fortunate to live in an area with such a beautiful gathering spot.

Walking around downtown Greenville!

Walking around downtown Greenville!

38 Weeks!

38 Weeks!

I feel so much more calm and at peace as we play the waiting game. Baby Wilson’s nursery is complete, we’ve taken our “pre-birth class” and visited the hospital, and we’ve prepared (I think) as much as we possibly can. We’re ready for your arrival, Baby Girl! ❤

Weeks 33 & 34: Work Shower & Finishing up the Nursery

During weeks 33 and 34, I definitely felt myself growing. One particular dress that I’d been wearing with no problem (wasn’t maternity but was wide enough to allow me to fit) was getting a liiiittle bit too tight. 🙂

During week 33, my amazing co-workers threw us a beautiful baby shower at Twigs and invited Robert to attend. They held a nice lunch, gave us thoughtful gifts and made us play a “Price is Right” baby shower game. One part of the game involved Robert blindly eating a mixture of nasty baby foods. Once he was blindfolded, they gave him a bowl of cool whip to eat. He was such a good sport. 🙂 I’m very thankful to work in a department and under leaders who cherish their employees so much.

That weekend right before marking off week 34, we headed over to Heritage Park to watch the S.C. Strongman Competition that our friend Gary was competing in. We got to the park around 10 a.m. and watched Gary complete a relay of moving really heavy objects and move a tow truck with an Escalade on the back of it 50 feet. He pulled the truck 50 feet in 28 seconds! It was incredible. We knew he was strong, but he completely bulldozed his competitors and ended up winning the title of Strongest Man in S.C. for the second year in a row.

This week, Robert hung a shelf, hung all of the pictures and helped me put together Baby Girl’s Moses basket holder. I’m so appreciative of his patience and handiness because I know if I’d have hung the shelf and pictures, her room would look like a Dr. Suess room (not in a good way).

34 weeks!

34 weeks!

Weeks 29 & 30: Charleston Trip

We did a lot to prepare for Baby Girl’s arrival during week 29. Robert and his mom painted her side tables white to match her crib and dresser. They look brand new! My mom found the perfect rug and lamps to go in her room. I picked out the three pieces of artwork that will go above her dresser, and I finally registered for soft sheets for her crib. I fell in love with the Burt’s Bees sheets and found the cutest patterns! Not only are the sheets cute, but they’re also SO soft. She’s going to just snuggle right into them once she’s in her crib. The room is definitely coming together and it’s starting to get more and more full. Because of the soft colors (tan, light pink, white and gold), the room is very calming to me. It’s going to be the perfect room for Baby Girl to call her own.

29 Weeks!

29 Weeks!

Right before I hit my week 30, my mom and I took a trip to Charleston for a girl’s weekend with Merrick. Merr gets married in September and we planned on doing mostly wedding prep (with a little baby shopping on the side) during our visit. We met Merr at the Charleston outlets on Friday evening and walked around until our feet hurt. We snagged a baby-dora that will look so cute on Baby Wilson when we take her outside this Spring/Summer. On Saturday, we helped Merr register for wedding gifts on her registry and look for dresses to wear to her showers and graduation this summer.

Merr took us to a great place at Shem Creek called Tavern and Table for dinner on Saturday night. It was the perfect mix of cute and casual. We ordered and split a bunch of appetizers. Those appetizers must have gone straight to Baby Girl because when we got back to Merr’s place, she had the hiccups for the first time! Merrick loved putting her hands all over my stomach and feeling the baby’s soft, steady pulsing as she hiccuped. I cannot believe how much my sister already loves our baby. She talks about her all of the time, makes future plans about seeing her and “driving her around,” and asked this weekend if she could take her on Spring Break when she’s older… 🙂

My mom and I hated leaving Merr because we had the best time in Charleston with our little blondie. I wish we all lived closer. ❤ I have a feeling that she and Sam will be making a lot of trips to Greenville to see our Little Bit once she makes her appearance into this world.


Girl's weekend in Charleston!

Girl’s weekend in Charleston!

Week 30!

Week 30!

Weeks 27 & 28: Third Trimester!

I officially reached my third tri-mester during week 28! I cannot believe it’s flown by so quickly. It’s incredible to read the What to Expect App and see how big our miracle has grown over the past 28 weeks. We keep our 9-week sonogram picture on our refrigerator when Baby Girl looked like a little gummy bear.  It’s a cool reminder of how far she’s (and we’ve!) come. Her 20-week sonogram picture is hung right next to it. I find that sometimes when we’re getting water (or ice cream :-)) both Robert and I will make comments like “Wow! Look how little she used to be… isn’t it amazing?” We talk about her non-stop. ❤

28 weeks!

28 weeks!

Robert got us tickets to see Jason Mraz as an anniversary/Valentines Day gift, and it was an awesome concert! We’ve seen a lot of concerts together and this one was definitely toward the top of the list. We were amazed at the variety of people that came out to see him! I guess we thought that we’d see mostly people around our age, but a majority of the concert-goers were older women and men. We got some good laughs out of the drunk singing and dancing of the people around us. 🙂 Baby Girl loved the concert- I could tell because she danced in my belly all night long. I love nights like this with my husband, because soon, it won’t just be the two of us.

Jason Mraz Concert with my Mister A to Z.

Jason Mraz Concert with my Mister A to Z.

Weeks 25 & 26: Anniversary Trip!

I absolutely love feeling baby girl kick inside of me. The most special thing to me is that these kicks are all mine. I’m the one able to feel her every second of the day. Whether I’m in a meeting or on the elliptical, she’s moving about. It’s special because it’s like a secret code between the two of us. It’s almost as if she knows what I’m thinking because she gives me a special nudge at certain moments when I forget that I’m pregnant. I imagine her saying “Hey! remember me down here!?” 🙂

Robert surprised me with a trip to Asheville for our first wedding anniversary right before my 26th week mark. We had a blast tooling around, going in the shops and enjoying each other. ❤ It was a perfect, short getaway that was far enough away from Greenville to give our minds a rest. There was no worrying about cleaning the house, preparing the baby’s room or worrying about our list of things to do before she gets here. I hit a big milestone on our trip to Asheville… my skinny jeans stopped fitting around my waist. It hit me hard! I made the decision to finally start shopping for maternity clothes that next weekend.

Throwback to our wedding day. <3

Throwback to our wedding day. ❤

Walking around Asheville

Walking around Asheville

25 week Bumpdate

25 week Bumpdate!

Week 26

Week 26 Bumpdate!


Weeks 21 and 22: Crib’s Up!

Over these past couple of weeks, my food baby has developed into an actual pooch. Baby Girl is on the inside kicking like crazy to get out! Other than my stomach growing, physically, I feel perfectly normal. I have rare tiredness, no nausea and I haven’t really had any food cravings (except ice cream every night, but that’s normal for me). My clothes are starting to fit a little snugger, but I’m still able to wear my same work pants and tops every day-no maternity clothes yet!

Emotionally, I’m getting more and more excited for Baby Girl to get here. I’m finding out that I’m pretty obsessive about basically everything related to what she’ll need when she arrives (clothes, doctors, daycares, stressful strollers, etc.). Speaking of which, Robert and I discussed the pros and cons of different strollers for about three weeks straight. THREE WEEKS!  I think we’ve finally decided upon one, thank the Lord. Her nursery is another obsession. We’ve decided on the colors, bought the bare essentials (crib and glider), and started to make decisions on the layout of the room.

Robert put together Baby G’s crib and glider chair the other day (as I sat and snapped pics of him), and it made me even more excited for her arrival. There was something so special about watching him make sure that they were set up perfectly. He moved the crib and the chair three different times until I figured out the perfect spot for each of them. After everything was set, we spent an hour or so just sitting in her room talking about different ways to decorate and how we’ll have to transform the room as she grows up. These are some of my favorite moments.

Favorite things about my pregnancy during weeks 21 and 22:

  • Feeling Baby Girl kick and flip
  • My mom and sister setting a date for the baby shower
  • Finding a sale at Carter’s and buying Baby Girl’s first chambray top ❤
Crib and glider that Robert put together :-)

Crib and glider that Robert put together 🙂