Popular Clothing Brands on Facebook- Mountain Hardware Bad Public Relations

For my public relations class, we were asked to look at major brands on Facebook.  I chose to look up popular brands that make products that many Clemson University students wear and use.  The three brands that I looked up were: The North Face, Patagonia, and Mountain Hardware.  Out of all three, Mountain Hardware’s page was the least put together.

Patagonia’s Faceboopatagonia-labelk page has over 6,500 fans.  On its wall, Patagonia shares news stories about earthy subjects that are geared more towards their clientele.  Fans of Patagonia write mostly positive feedback on its wall.  Under it’s INFO tab, Patagonia lists its Web sites, background information, and the products that it produces. In its PHOTOS box, there are outdoorsy pictures of nature.  Interestingly enough, there are very few pictures posted that include the Patagonia label.  Patagonia has a YOUTUBE tab where it features outdoor activities that would be interesting to their fans.

The North Facthe-north-face-logoe fan wall is similar to Patagonia’s except it has five times more fans than Patagonia’s.  The North Face fan wall shares Facebook notes about a climbing excursion of a 5 man team.  They also have fans that write positive feedback and promote events that will be happening in stores that carry North Face products.  Under it’s INFO tab, The North Face fan page has multiple Web site and the products that they sell.  With the other tabs, The North Face fan page is very similar to the Patagonia page, but they do not have a YOUTUBE tab.  In addition to the regular tabs, they have an EVENTS tab that lists the upcoming outdoor activities that The North Face is hosting.

The last fan pamountain_hardware_logoge that I looked at was Mountain Hardware.  The fan page has less than 300 members and only has 3 tabs to explore the site with.  A few fans have written on their wall, however there have been no posted articles or upcoming events by Mountain Hardware.  The information in the INFO tab lists one Web site and the major designers and their backgrounds.  There are few photos that are under their PHOTO tab.  This fan page is the worst out of all three because of its lack of ingenuity and information.  The site isn’t geared towards it’s fans and doesn’t try to connect on a personal level.