Introduction for Public Relations Class

Hi Everyone in Professor Vargas’ class!  My name is Madison Fisher and I am a senior communications major at Clemson University.  I am currently enrolled in Professor Lauren Vargas’ Principles of Public Relations class.  I have held a few internships in public relations and am very interested in pursuing a career in this area. 

I started interning at the Verizon Wireless corporate headquarters in Greenville, S.C. for North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee after my freshman year of college and continued the same internship during my next summer as well.  I worked under Carly Culbertson, the then public relations manager for the Carolinas/Tennessee region.  While interning under Carly for two summers, I also interned at  Jeff Dezen Public Relations (JDPR) in downtown Greenville, S.C. for a few days a week. 

This past summer, I strictly interned for Jeff Dezen Public Relations and worked mainly on the Verizon account.  I also began interning at Toussaint Law Firm in Seneca, S.C. as their marketing director.  I’ve enjoyed all of my internships and have gained valuable experience that I hope will help me in the future. 

Last semester, I took Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu’s public relation stakeholder communication class.  It’s interesting to see how my classes at Clemson have actually helped me in my internships.  I’m looking forward to learning more basic theories and practices of public relations through this semester’s Principles of Public Relations class.

I’ve had my blog for about 9 months now and I can see that my blog posts have slowly matured.  I hope to continue to learn and add more ideas and thoughts about public relations through my blog.  Let me know if you have any suggestions!!