Networking with People You DON’T Even Know

As I am becoming more and more familiar with different types of social media, I am subscribing to more blogs and following more people on Twitter.  After reading a blog post off of the PRSSA blog, I decided to see what JT O’Donnell was all about.  In her blog, “CAREEREALISM: because EVERY job is temporary”, she explains different aspects of searching for jobs, what do while working at a job, and what happens if you lose your job.  One of her blog posts linked to an article that she recently wrote for  Her article is titled, “She’s the BEST Employee I’ve NEVER Met.”  In her article, JT explains how getting to know a person through social media gave that person a little extra something that made JT recommend her for a job.  Through connecting with her through LinkedIn, JT realized the woman’s professionalism and credibility.  Even though the woman still had to work to get the job by herself, JT’s letter (e-mail) of recommendation sure seemed to help.

It’s interesting to me how I keep stumbling upon new ways that social media can help someone get ahead in their career.  I’m really excited to read and learn more about new ways that social media can help college graduates.