Clemson Bowl Game and Twitter Talk

I set my mom up with a Twitter account.  She LOVES it.  I’ve introduced her to the logistics of the social media network and taught her how to tweet, @ Twitterers, and direct message people.  At our annual Christmas Eve dinner at our neighbor’s house, I know that my mom felt hip because when the subject of Twitter arose, she piped in like a pro.

Clemson played in the Music City bowl game last night against Kentucky (AND WON).  I invited my two tiger fan friends, Katy and Jessie from Columbia to watch the game with all of the Greenville Tiger fans.  Eleven of us headed to a local sports bar and hung around until half-time.  At half, we headed home and watched the rest of the game at my house along with my parents.  During a break in the game, Twitter became a topic of discussion.  

My friend Katy tweets regularly.  She’s learned the in’s and out’s of Twitter and appreciates how it keeps her up to date on news, celebrities, and her friends.  Jessie, on the other hand, will have nothing to do with Twitter.  She refuses to try it because she doesn’t think that she has anything interesting to say.  

 Jessie also said that she fears in the future that with all of the social networking that goes on online, our children won’t have the social skills that generations before them developed through face-to-face contact.  While my mom and I agreed, we also argued that social networks are how a lot of people are staying connected and getting informed.  Whether the information is national news (like the terrorist on the Detroit flight), celebrity news (like Kourtney Kardashian having her baby), or amiable news (like who of my friends are heading to happy hour), I feel informed quickly and precisely.  I personally feel that if you refuse to join the social media conversation, you’re going to miss out on information that others know simply because they have set up a free account.  You may even get left in the dust (like the Kentucky Wildcats last night :-)). 

There are both pros and cons to the growing popularity of social networks.  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Some of our group watching the Music City Bowl game!