Home for the Holidays

Throughout November, I tweeted something that I’m thankful for every day. It’s the first time that I’ve taken part in this activity, and it was an awesome way for me to take a step back and truly pinpoint the most important people, places and things in my life.  This past Thanksgiving, I was happy to be home and I’m excited to head back there tomorrow for my Christmas vacation.

There’s something so comforting about going home. I love pulling into my parents neighborhood because so many memories come rushing back as soon as I hit the first speed bump (zipping around the streets in my VW Cabrio, riding bikes up and down the river paths, playing kickball/dodgeball/rollerball in the streets, etc.).  Once I reach our cul-de-sac, I immediately look to see which seasonal flag my mom has hung and what colors she’s chosen for the pretty candles on our big front porch.  Usually, one of my parents is in the kitchen window cleaning dishes when I arrive, so they see and greet me in our garage when I park. No matter what time of day or night that I arrive, my parent’s responses are most always the same. Dad’s? “Madddyyy…. good to see you.” Mom’s? “Hey! Look how cute you look.” 🙂 I look forward to these greetings every time I head back.

Home to me means heart-to-heart talks with my family, game nights, good smells, comfy couches, warm fires, reminiscing, soundly sleeping, learning about the neighborhood gossip, MiMi’s take-out with Merr, visiting with friends, shopping, sharing the same room with my sister, pretty flowers in the kitchen, cards strewn about the mantle, relaxing, and inevitable tears when I leave.

I can’t WAIT to see my family tomorrow night! 🙂