Painting girl (and boy)

Robert owns and lives in a house in North Carolina. He bought it years ago (before we started dating) and decided to fix-it-up into a cute mountainy home. Once Robert and I started dating, fixing up his house went on the back burner. He was traveling to Atlanta most every weekend and when we weren’t in Atlanta, we were scooting around the southeast together. Since we’ve gotten engaged, Robert has made it a priority to finish the final touches on his abode. I’m all for it. I can’t wait to see the finished product- I know it will be great.

The past two weekends, I’ve traveled up to rainy NC to help Robert paint rooms, closets, doors and trim. I was gung-ho the first weekend. I knocked out a few doors and helped with some trim while Robert painted his bathroom a pretty, light yellow. We were really proud of what we accomplished in a little less than 2 days.

This past weekend, I wasn’t as gung ho. Mid-way through Saturday, as I was painting one of his spare bedroom’s closets, I broke down. I think it was a mix of tiredness, crappy weather and the fact that I was literally standing inside of a closet painting a random shelf that upset me. Robert walked in and asked me to stop painting. We talked for a while and he said, “Not painting for one day isn’t going to make or break this house. Let’s get ready and spend the afternoon together in Asheville. Let’s have fun.” It didn’t take but 3 seconds for me to agree to his proposal. 🙂

We headed into Asheville’s Biltmore Park,  shopped around, grabbed lunch at Hickory Tavern, watched the Kentucky Derby, and drank margaritas (in celebration of Cinco de Mayo) with his sister and brother later that night.

I know that Robert’s house will be finished at some point. He’s dedicated, and he’s a hell of a hard worker.