Real World PR: Session 3-Professional Services

In session 3, Health care, Technology and Professional Services PR, three ladies spoke about their particular job and how PR fit into each one of their jobs.  The three PRo’s were Tiffany Brott (Accenture), Judy Wicks (APR, Fiserv), and Debbie Bloom (APR, Crawford Long/Emory Hospital).  It was interesting listening to each of their backgrounds.  I was inspired by all of their hard work and persistence that got them to where they are today.  Debbie shared things that need to be taken into account while working in health care PR:

  • Media Relations- positioning of hospital/physicians, rapid response ensures repeat inquires
  • Confidentially, consent to photograph
  • Cross pitching
  • On-site escort and parking
  • Proper ID of patient, physician, hospital
  • Plan: names and numbers of local, state, and federal agencies
  • Check out visual appeal (trash, dirty uniforms, upside down logos)
  • Notification of administration, security
  • Tape the broadcast
  • Photographs for in-house publications/archives
  • Media badges.