Public Relations Current Jobs

In my public relations class, we were given an assignment to look up the job descriptions for some current PR available jobs.  I chose to look through the job search on the PRSA site first.  I found a job as a Public Relations Director at FOLIOfn which required that the applicant have strong teamwork skills, a track record in dealing with the media, blogger outreach, and the ability to work with senior management.  If hired, the director would write press releases, initiate media relations and social media outreach, and other efforts to raise awareness of FOLIOfn.

I also found a position as the Manager of Public Relations for Staples.  The qualities of the applicant is required to have high energy, excited about working on creative PR programs, and confident with counseling executive team members.  The applicant must have good oral and written skills and experience with dealing with crisis management and communicaiton.  The applicant’s main job description included developing PR initiatives, managing the media and provide PR couseling to the business team.

 The other open positions that I found had similar job duties as well as certain charactersitics that applicants had to have.  They all had to be organized, team working skills, and a bachelors degree in communicaitons.  I thought it was interesting that although the job descriptions differed, they were all very much alike.  I’m sure with each job, there are specific duties that are learned after an applicant is chosen, but those specifics were not listed.