Outside My Euphoric Bubble

Yesterday, one of things that we talked about in class was raising awareness of homelessness in the Clemson community.  To be honest, I have never seen a homeless person in Clemson- and I’ve been here for four years.  Dr. David Novak said that if the Clemson Police Department wouldn’t mind, he would have a few of my classmates pretend to be homeless and sit outside Sikes Hall.  For those of you who don’t know, Sikes Hall sits on the side of a major road that runs through Clemson University’s campus. 

 As I visualized this scenario in my head, I tried to think of what thoughts would run thr0ugh my mind if I saw a group of homeless students sitting on the side of the road in Clemson.  It definitely would raise my awareness of homelessness.  It would also remind me that other issues occur outside of this euphoric bubble that I’ve been living in for the past four years.  As a college student, I’m most worried about my next graded paper, how much time I have to squeeze in a relaxing run, and what bars my friends are going to on Friday nights.  This capstone class has started to open my eyes to bigger, worldly issues- and I like it.

Clemson PRSSA Meeting with Leslie Thorton

Monday night, we held our second PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) meeting of the year!  We invited Leslie Thorton, the Public Information Director for development within the Advancement Division at Clemson University as well as a public relations teacher in the Communications Department.  Because of her long title (Public Information Director for development within the Advancement Division) I think some people were confused as to what Leslie’s specific duties were (or at least I was!).  Leslie spoke about her duties and clarified her day-to-day tasks that keep her job interesting. 

At her occupation, Leslie focuses on writing proposals to perspective donors, keeping current donors happy, and engaging future donors (students).  I thought that the most interesting part of Leslie’s job was how she keeps current donors happy.  Along with holding annual banquets for large donors, she explained that after a large donation is given, a committee formulates the best way to thank the donor.  Sometimes, the donor is thanked during the halftime show of the Clemson football games and other times, buildings or statues are named in honor of the donor.  One time, the committee found out that a specific donor enjoyed opera music.  In order to thank the donor, Clemson University set up a luncheon and had a Clemson student sing opera for entertainment!      

 Leslie also reminded PRSSA members that even though a job/volunteer/internship may not have a title that includes the words “public relations”, the job may still include public relations duties.  For example, even if you’re not constantly writing press releases or tracking media clips, you may still be helping an organization relate and connect to its publics. 

The last two tips of advice that Leslie left with us were: strengthen your writing skills and be organized. 

Our secretary, Cara Mitchell, took notes on CoverItLive.com.  You can find the live notes here.  Please also visit our Clemson University PRSSA blog and follow us on Twitter @clemsonprssa!

What Will You Do?

After reading Being Cheryl’s post about Capital University’s new campaign called “What Will You Do”, I HAD to check it out.  This new campaign lets students post pictures, notes, and videos of things that they plan to do in the future.  After visiting the Web site to learn more, I realized that a campaign like this one really helps show the ambitions and diversity of students at Capital University.  The video posted at the top of the “What Will You Do” page is only a couple of minutes long and shows quick snippets of some students’ plans, goals, and dreams for the future.  Some “What Will You Do’s” are as simple studying for a test or attending a meeting while others are more complex like graduating from Capital University at the top of the class.  The site also has a place where a viewer can click to see the Capital University homepage to learn more about the institution.  I think this campaign is really interesting because it makes Capital University stand out.  The posts, pictures, and videos of the students help give the university a more personal touch.

I think that Clemson University should try something like this.  By asking a diverse group of students what they plan to do in the future, I think it will help give the Clemson  University site a more personal touch.  When looking on the Clemson homepage, there are headlines from recent news and a calendar of upcoming university events.  However, I think if a link to a site similar to Capital University’s was shown, it would help high school seniors get a better feel for the kind of students that attend Clemson.  It may even help convince some to become Tigers!