Update on My Life

This past month has been a whirlwind of events and I’m going to take this post to update you on big events that have happened recently in my life.

1. I GRADUATED!  After four years that flew by, a long, three-hour ceremony made it clear that my undergraduate years were over.  After many tears from me, my friends, and my family, my parents gave me a sign that had a quote by Dr. Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  My graduation weekend was a time full of celebration, laughs, and fun.fun.fun.

The Communication Studies graduating class of 2010!

My family after graduation!


2. I GOT A JOB!  After networking and interviewing, I was offered a job at Edelman in Atlanta.  It’s a PR firm in Midtown and I’m going to be an Assistant Account Executive.  I can kick a soccer ball from my office to the CNN Center.  It’s on the 29th story and I can see the Coca-Cola building, GA Aquarium and the rest of DT ATL ! I’m so excited!  I’ve met the team that I will be working with and I start on Monday. 

3. I’M MOVING TO ATLANTA!  Thankfully, I have friends who keep their ears open.  My friend, Jessie, connected me with a girl from USC, Margo, and we decided to live together in Atlanta!  Margo is working at a marketing firm in ATL.  Margo also found another girl, Lauren, who is also going to live with us!  She is a recent graduate of Penn State and will moving to ATL to start work soon.  Since Margo and I live the closest to Atlanta, we decided to meet and look at apartments together last week.  We used ProMove to help us, and I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful they were.  We met with a lady named Kelly who had a list of 40 places for us to browse through when we arrived at ProMove.  After pinpointing 7 places that looked like our “type”, we headed out of ProMove and headed to the first complex.  We weren’t too pleased with the first apartment… but we FELL IN LOVE with the second one.  We signed after seeing the complex, learning about the safety, and visiting the pool and workout center.  We move in to the apartment in 2 days! 

**A big thanks to my sister, Merrick, for coming to ATL with me to support with the apartment search.  She is so smart and was very helpful in putting into words what I was scared to say.** 

SO, needless to say, I’ve been packing my little heart out. And by packing, I mean laying out at the lake, hiking in Western North Carolina (Turtleback Falls), and visiting waterfalls in Westminster (Brasstown Falls).  But really, I did pack tonight. My room looks like a dizastahhh right now.  I’m so lucky that my best friend/roommate Katy sat with me and helped me today.  Wednesday, I’ll load up this room and head own down to Hotlanta.  I’ll keep you updated with the new chapter of my life in the big city. 🙂

Here are our pics from our most recent hikes:

Before Turtleback Falls

The beautiful second waterfall at Brasstown Falls

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