The social media group has created a blog, a twitter, and is helping with the Upstate Homeless Coalition’s Facebook Fan Page.

The upstate Homeless Coalition of South Carolina’s BLOG is here.

The Upstate Homeless Coalition of South Carolina’s TWITTER is here.

The Upstate Homeless Coalition of South Carolina’s FACEBOOK is here.

The Upstate Homeless Coalition of South Carolina’s WEB SITE is here.

I hope that you all will start linking to the UHCSC’s blog, following UHCSC on Twitter, and becoming a fan of the UHCSC on Facebook.

Homeless Bloggers and Tweeps

Before we start blogging and twittering, Beckman and I decided it would be helpful to look up bloggers and tweeps who are homeless.  I wanted to share this database that lists some homeless bloggers and tweeps.

I looked into Kevin Barbieux’s story, blog posts, and tweets.  He sounds like an interesting man and I would love to know more about his story. 

The Homeless Guy (blog) @thehomelessguy (twitter)- Kevin Barbieux from Nashville, TN is chronically homeless.  He visits the library and museums in Nashville and blogs about his story and experiences.

Who’s Calling the Shots?

I’ve never been in a class like my senior seminar class.  On Thursday, Dr. Novak stood at the front of the classroom, let us ask any questions that we wanted about factual information about the Upstate Homeless Coalition of South Carolina.  After a few questions had been asked, Dr. Novak walked to the back of the room and was silent for the rest of the class.  As a class, we wrote a mission statement, appointed class liaisons, organized ourselves into three main groups (fundraising, media, and social media), and decided on tasks and duties of each major group. 

We then broke up into the major groups.  I chose to be in the social media group along with Erin Sanders, Beckman Perry, Katie McKenzie, and Lauren Patterson.  We plan on helping update their Web site, start blogging for the UHCSC, help update the UHCSC Facebook page, and tweet under a username for the UHCSC.  After working on these social media networks on behalf of the UHCSC, we are also going to write a social media plan that the UHCSC can use after the semester is over. 

In our blogs, tweets, and Facebook posts, we want to connect with homeless people who use social media sites.  Part of our job this semester is going to do research to reach out to homeless people in the upstate who use the sites and let them know the services of the UHCSC. 

This class is by far the coolest class that I’ve ever taken at Clemson University.  It’s student run and we are getting to call the shots.

The Shop is “joining the conversation”!

I’ve worked at The Shop in Simpsonville, S.C. since I was in the tenth grade.  I worked every day after school, in the summers during high school, and during Fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas breaks while attending Clemson.  The Shop is a locally owned small business tmonogram1hat makes custom draperies and monograms EVERYTHING you can think of.  It is because of The Shop that my obsession of monograms has grown into an unhealthy one.

While working at The Shop, I performed all kinds of tasks ranging from monogramming to working on the custom drapes that were created to selling merchandise in the front of the store.  I’ve worked with a number of The Shop’s employees and have become close with the owner, Kim Wickert.  Kim is one of the most outgoing, funny, creative, flexible bosses that I’ve ever worked for.  But Kim is more than that, she is a family friend who frequently comes to our house with her family to sit on our porch and talk about… life.

After telling Kim about how I was learning the impact of social media, we decided it would be smart for her to start blogging.  I volunteered to help Kim with her blog and provide advice that may help her company grow.  We plan on sharing funny “Shop” stories that will give The Shop a personal touch.  We also plan on featuring a product every week that will show customers different products that The Shop offers.  We are hoping that with this blog, The Shop will gain customers and hopefully peak the interest of others who may not know much about The Shop.

I would not consider myself a “pro” at blogging by any means, so I’m posing this question to you…

What are the DO’s and DON’T’s of blogging for a small business? I look forward to all of your advice, comments, and questions!

Networking with People You DON’T Even Know

As I am becoming more and more familiar with different types of social media, I am subscribing to more blogs and following more people on Twitter.  After reading a blog post off of the PRSSA blog, I decided to see what JT O’Donnell was all about.  In her blog, “CAREEREALISM: because EVERY job is temporary”, she explains different aspects of searching for jobs, what do while working at a job, and what happens if you lose your job.  One of her blog posts linked to an article that she recently wrote for  Her article is titled, “She’s the BEST Employee I’ve NEVER Met.”  In her article, JT explains how getting to know a person through social media gave that person a little extra something that made JT recommend her for a job.  Through connecting with her through LinkedIn, JT realized the woman’s professionalism and credibility.  Even though the woman still had to work to get the job by herself, JT’s letter (e-mail) of recommendation sure seemed to help.

It’s interesting to me how I keep stumbling upon new ways that social media can help someone get ahead in their career.  I’m really excited to read and learn more about new ways that social media can help college graduates.

Comment PROpenMic

After joining PROpenMic, I found a blog post by a woman who was confused about blogging and how and when it should be used.  She asked questions that some of you may have about what to blog about, what to comment on others blogs, and how to know if people are reading and enjoying your blog.

Read my comment and check out her blog and the helpful comments at “The World of Blogging”