The Next Stop on the Fab 4 Tour: Charleston

I fell in love with Charleston this past weekend when I visited my sister. First of all, if I haven’t said it before, my sister attends physical therapy school in Charleston, has lived there since May and is kicking butt in her classes. She lives in an adorable apartment with one of her best friends in a perfect location.  Her apartment is smaller, and older, but my mom and I both agree that it has a lot of character.  The bright colors and fun artwork give it life and the hardwood floors are just crooked and uneven enough to make you stumble when you get up in the morning to brush your teeth.

Merrick was a perfect host. She explained the best path that took me straight to the Battery on my morning run. She introduced me to her PT friends and took me out to a couple of her favorite bars.  And she took me to the beach on Sullivan’s on Friday where we speculated about Reese Witherspoon’s house (how often she visited, who took care of the house when she was away, whose car was parked in the driveway, etc.).

Early Morning Battery Run

Reese Witherspoon’s House on Sullivan’s Island

When Sam and Robert arrived on Friday afternoon, we all went to one of Merr’s favorite downtown restaurants, King Street Grille, and then headed to her college friend’s apartment.  The rest of the night consisted of Mynt, Trio, taking in the beautiful weather at an outside bar, dancing to a live band,  running into old friends, Merr playing the tambourine with the band, Bubba Styles and a long walk home. 🙂

Bramblewood Girls from Greenville

Madison, Robert and Sammy

At Mynt on the VIP Green Couch

On Saturday, Merr took us to the Charleston market and to breakfast/lunch at Toast with awesome bottomless mimosas. After scooting around DT Charleston, we headed back to Merr’s apartment to watch our Tigers beat down (kind of) BC and to watch USA beat down on Europe in the Ryder Cup (before the let down on Sunday). Since Merr usually doesn’t let Sam eat seafood when he goes to Charleston because she despises it, and since Robert and I both like it, Merr sucked it up and we went to a crab house for a late dinner. It was easy to tell that Sam hadn’t had seafood in while because homeboy hammered down on some crab legs.

After our double date, Merrick took us to a church that had been turned into a bar.  This, of course, sparked multiple questions from all four of us: “Are the booths made of old pews? Where did the priest used to stand? What is the shining light behind the stained glass windows? Is it sacrilegious to be cheering for a football game and drinking Bud Lights while a guitarist plays Pearl Jam in a former house of God?”

The drive home on Sunday wasn’t too bad, but I was sad to leave my sister, Robert, Sam and Charleston. I think the next time that the Fab 4 will reunite will be around Thanksgiving and, “I don’t like it.”

Tastes (and Smells) Like Chicken

This weekend, Robert and I drove to meet my family (and the Wickerts) in Litchfield for a beautiful Easter weekend on the beach.  We didn’t arrive until late Friday evening and finally met them at Pawley’s Island Tavern after figuring out that I left my wallet at the Zaxby’s in Greenville. :-/. (Thankfully Tone the Tiger picked it up and let me know that the wallet smelled of fried chicken… oh great.)  The entire bar was wallpapered in decorated $1 bills as it’s a tradition of the bar’s.  Robert found out that long ago, fisherman used to staple their dollars to the wall to make sure that they had enough money to pay for a beer when they returned to the tavern.  Not wanting to break tradition, we signed dollars and stapled them to the roof:

On Saturday, Robert, Sam and my dad woke up super early to play golf and my sister, mom and I headed out to the beach with the Wickerts.  The guys joined us around lunchtime and we all played ladder golf, soccer and walked in the warm sand.  It was way too cold to get in the water, though.  We headed to The Hot Fish Club on Saturday night for dinner, made the hostess furious, met a bride and a groom, and listened to a band named “Tastes Like Chicken”.

All of us at HFC.

On Sunday, Robert and I woke up at 6 a.m. and walked out to the beach to watch the gorgeous sunrise.  It was the first time that I’d ever woken up before the sun on purpose and it was wonderful.  We were the only ones on the beach until a man wearing a kilt and carrying a bagpipe walked  up to us.  The piper explained that he was waiting to make a grand entrance at just the right time to play “Amazing Grace” at the sunrise service down the beach.  I’ve never met anyone who can play the bagpipes or anyone wearing a kilt, for that matter, so talking to him was a really cool experience. I almost invited him up to the condo to munch Easter breakfast casserole with my family. 🙂

Easter sunrise.

Bagpipe player on the beach.

After catching a few hours of rays on the beach and playing soccer tennis on the beach, we headed back to Greenville in a five-person Jeep with my four-person family and Sam. I sat in the back with my mom and sister and listened to my sister complain about her appendix, foot, head and about the fact that she didn’t have enough room.  At one point, my mom made the exclamation that her back hurt from sitting in the middle of the backseat.  She then stood up and proceeded to do toe-touches for the rest of the trip home.  I love my family, but I was ready to get out of the car after 4.5 hours of being crammed in the back of the Jeep.

It was really hard to leave my family after such a fun weekend, but we have exciting spring events coming up in May, so we’ll be back together very soon.  This weekend, Robert and I are heading to Columbia to celebrate Jessie’s sister’s wedding!