Weeks 29 & 30: Charleston Trip

We did a lot to prepare for Baby Girl’s arrival during week 29. Robert and his mom painted her side tables white to match her crib and dresser. They look brand new! My mom found the perfect rug and lamps to go in her room. I picked out the three pieces of artwork that will go above her dresser, and I finally registered for soft sheets for her crib. I fell in love with the Burt’s Bees sheets and found the cutest patterns! Not only are the sheets cute, but they’re also SO soft. She’s going to just snuggle right into them once she’s in her crib. The room is definitely coming together and it’s starting to get more and more full. Because of the soft colors (tan, light pink, white and gold), the room is very calming to me. It’s going to be the perfect room for Baby Girl to call her own.

29 Weeks!

29 Weeks!

Right before I hit my week 30, my mom and I took a trip to Charleston for a girl’s weekend with Merrick. Merr gets married in September and we planned on doing mostly wedding prep (with a little baby shopping on the side) during our visit. We met Merr at the Charleston outlets on Friday evening and walked around until our feet hurt. We snagged a baby-dora that will look so cute on Baby Wilson when we take her outside this Spring/Summer. On Saturday, we helped Merr register for wedding gifts on her registry and look for dresses to wear to her showers and graduation this summer.

Merr took us to a great place at Shem Creek called Tavern and Table for dinner on Saturday night. It was the perfect mix of cute and casual. We ordered and split a bunch of appetizers. Those appetizers must have gone straight to Baby Girl because when we got back to Merr’s place, she had the hiccups for the first time! Merrick loved putting her hands all over my stomach and feeling the baby’s soft, steady pulsing as she hiccuped. I cannot believe how much my sister already loves our baby. She talks about her all of the time, makes future plans about seeing her and “driving her around,” and asked this weekend if she could take her on Spring Break when she’s older… 🙂

My mom and I hated leaving Merr because we had the best time in Charleston with our little blondie. I wish we all lived closer. ❤ I have a feeling that she and Sam will be making a lot of trips to Greenville to see our Little Bit once she makes her appearance into this world.


Girl's weekend in Charleston!

Girl’s weekend in Charleston!

Week 30!

Week 30!

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