Weeks 27 & 28: Third Trimester!

I officially reached my third tri-mester during week 28! I cannot believe it’s flown by so quickly. It’s incredible to read the What to Expect App and see how big our miracle has grown over the past 28 weeks. We keep our 9-week sonogram picture on our refrigerator when Baby Girl looked like a little gummy bear.  It’s a cool reminder of how far she’s (and we’ve!) come. Her 20-week sonogram picture is hung right next to it. I find that sometimes when we’re getting water (or ice cream :-)) both Robert and I will make comments like “Wow! Look how little she used to be… isn’t it amazing?” We talk about her non-stop. ❤

28 weeks!

28 weeks!

Robert got us tickets to see Jason Mraz as an anniversary/Valentines Day gift, and it was an awesome concert! We’ve seen a lot of concerts together and this one was definitely toward the top of the list. We were amazed at the variety of people that came out to see him! I guess we thought that we’d see mostly people around our age, but a majority of the concert-goers were older women and men. We got some good laughs out of the drunk singing and dancing of the people around us. 🙂 Baby Girl loved the concert- I could tell because she danced in my belly all night long. I love nights like this with my husband, because soon, it won’t just be the two of us.

Jason Mraz Concert with my Mister A to Z.

Jason Mraz Concert with my Mister A to Z.

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