Weeks 25 & 26: Anniversary Trip!

I absolutely love feeling baby girl kick inside of me. The most special thing to me is that these kicks are all mine. I’m the one able to feel her every second of the day. Whether I’m in a meeting or on the elliptical, she’s moving about. It’s special because it’s like a secret code between the two of us. It’s almost as if she knows what I’m thinking because she gives me a special nudge at certain moments when I forget that I’m pregnant. I imagine her saying “Hey! remember me down here!?” 🙂

Robert surprised me with a trip to Asheville for our first wedding anniversary right before my 26th week mark. We had a blast tooling around, going in the shops and enjoying each other. ❤ It was a perfect, short getaway that was far enough away from Greenville to give our minds a rest. There was no worrying about cleaning the house, preparing the baby’s room or worrying about our list of things to do before she gets here. I hit a big milestone on our trip to Asheville… my skinny jeans stopped fitting around my waist. It hit me hard! I made the decision to finally start shopping for maternity clothes that next weekend.

Throwback to our wedding day. <3

Throwback to our wedding day. ❤

Walking around Asheville

Walking around Asheville

25 week Bumpdate

25 week Bumpdate!

Week 26

Week 26 Bumpdate!


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