Week 23 & 24: Staying Active

I was nervous at first to exert too much physical energy while pregnant. The doctor told me to keep exercising as I’ve done in the past, but to listen to my body. I’ve definitely toned it down a bit, but I still run and do my Body Combat classes at least a couple times a week. At the same time, though, if I get off of work and am yawning when I get in the car, I go home instead of making a pit stop at the gym. The weirdest thing is the way my abs tighten either during or after a workout even if I’m not specifically targeting my abs in a workout. The doctor said this was normal, though. 🙂

A few weekends ago was an active one for Baby Girl and me. At almost 23 weeks, we ran the Greenville News Downtown 5K Run with my dad. We finished in 29:45- nowhere near the women’s leader of 16:30, but we did our best! It’s definitely slower than I usually run a 5K, but I was proud of the way that my body carried us to the finish line. The next day, I played three sets of tennis with my mom and her tennis friends. It was noticeable that I didn’t go for shots that I normally stretch/sprint to reach.

I can tell that I get way more tired after workouts than normal. Maybe it’s because baby girl is working out inside as much as me!

Favorite things about my pregnancy during weeks 23 & 24:

  • Snagging a Kelty hiking backpack that fits a baby in the back of it
  • My mom and sister setting a date for the baby shower
  • Running the downtown 5K with my dad
  • Going furniture shopping with Robert and making more decisions on the baby’s nursery ❤



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