Weeks 21 and 22: Crib’s Up!

Over these past couple of weeks, my food baby has developed into an actual pooch. Baby Girl is on the inside kicking like crazy to get out! Other than my stomach growing, physically, I feel perfectly normal. I have rare tiredness, no nausea and I haven’t really had any food cravings (except ice cream every night, but that’s normal for me). My clothes are starting to fit a little snugger, but I’m still able to wear my same work pants and tops every day-no maternity clothes yet!

Emotionally, I’m getting more and more excited for Baby Girl to get here. I’m finding out that I’m pretty obsessive about basically everything related to what she’ll need when she arrives (clothes, doctors, daycares, stressful strollers, etc.). Speaking of which, Robert and I discussed the pros and cons of different strollers for about three weeks straight. THREE WEEKS!  I think we’ve finally decided upon one, thank the Lord. Her nursery is another obsession. We’ve decided on the colors, bought the bare essentials (crib and glider), and started to make decisions on the layout of the room.

Robert put together Baby G’s crib and glider chair the other day (as I sat and snapped pics of him), and it made me even more excited for her arrival. There was something so special about watching him make sure that they were set up perfectly. He moved the crib and the chair three different times until I figured out the perfect spot for each of them. After everything was set, we spent an hour or so just sitting in her room talking about different ways to decorate and how we’ll have to transform the room as she grows up. These are some of my favorite moments.

Favorite things about my pregnancy during weeks 21 and 22:

  • Feeling Baby Girl kick and flip
  • My mom and sister setting a date for the baby shower
  • Finding a sale at Carter’s and buying Baby Girl’s first chambray top ❤
Crib and glider that Robert put together :-)

Crib and glider that Robert put together 🙂

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