Windy City

Tuesday, we celebrated Lauren and Brandon at our favorite “goodbye spot,” Fado. The two are heading to Chicago to start a new chapter of their lives together. I am so excited for their upcoming adventure: living in downtown Chi-city, making new friends, exploring a huge city. At the same time, though, I’m sad to think about the physical distance that will come between us. Instead of about a step and a half away from my room, now Laur will be a plane ride away.

It’s so weird seeing all of their boxes packed, all of the trash that the two deemed not worthy to bring on the trip, and Lauren’s room clear of clutter! 🙂

So, last night I said “see ya later” to Branny. He’ll move their things up on Friday and starts a brand new job in the city on Monday! I don’t have to face goodbyes with Laur yet as I have about two more weeks left until she makes the trek north. For this, I am grateful.

As one of our friends put it at their happy hour, it seems like summer camp is ending. Atlanta’s been our playground for almost 4 years. But the groups of friends that we’ve gathered over the past 4 years are moving on to new things. Friday and Saturday night plans of dancing all over Buckhead are a thing of the past. Some of our friends have (adorable) babies, most are in serious relationships or engaged and a few have ventured out for new jobs. Most are looking to head out the city- not because they dislike it- but because they’re searching for a different pace of life.

It’s an interesting life change that I was never sure that we’d get to. As we all move on though, we’ll always have the memories that we’ve shared in the A.


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