Fabulous Festival

This past weekend, my mom’s closest friends and her sisters threw Robert and me the most beautiful shower imaginable. The theme? Fall Festival. The attendees? 50 of our closest friends and family. The drink of choice of most of our attendees? Crown. The experience? One that we will never forget.

It all started out a few months ago when Kim texted asking specific details about Robert and me: How did we meet? How did Robert propose? What are some of our favorite things to do together?

I answered Kim’s questions completely and she picked up on the fact that we frequent festivals in ATL (beer fests, buckhead fests, Christmas fests, etc.). You name it, Atlanta’s got a festival for it. Kim, Nancy and Martha picked the festival theme and ran with it. Kim’s beautifully decorated home had pumpkins and chalkboards and candy corn and candles. The whole place was romantically lit and the guitarist gave the shower a soothing ambiance. The hostesses served “Chestie’s Turkey-Tinis,” pork sandwiches, awesome dips, and plenty of alcohol. It was awesome.

Throughout the night, families met, friends celebrated, and Kim, my sister and Robert’s brother gave heart-warming toasts. I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the place after they spoke.

We gave the hostesses a gold bracelet with “Heart of Gold” engraved within. I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have these ladies in my life. They’ve all been role models and the life of every party, but above all, my friends.

Friends and family traveled from all over to help celebrate- Hendersonville, Atlanta, Florida, and my aunt came all the way from New York.

Robert and I are a very blessed couple. It’s very clear that we’re loved and supported by many. And that’s what means the most.


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