White Coats.

My sister received her white coat at the Medical University of South Carolina for her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at a beautiful ceremony in Charleston in early June.  This coat doesn’t mark the end of her schooling, but marks her transition from straight classes into clinical work. Our family, Sam and Robert were all there to celebrate and show her support. The keynote speaker was a woman from LSU who spoke about the most important part of serving as a doctor of physical therapy: caring. She told stories about her patients from the past and explained how rewarding it is to see patients’ progressions. I’m so excited for my sister to be able to use the skills that she’s learned in the classroom and translate them into actual patient care.

I know she’s excited, too. Hell, she tries to diagnose every family member and friend with any ailment that she possibly can. She’s taught Robert stretches to help his shoulder, performed “manips” on my poor dad, and critiqued the fact that none of our glute muscles are as strong as they should be by watching us jump.

While in Charleston, we also celebrated my dad’s birthday, spent some much-needed time at the beach, dined at a rooftop restaurant, shopped through the market, met up with Margy and hung out with Merr’s PT friends. Which, by the way, her friends are awesome-so down-to-earth and fun! I can see why Merrick chose to go into PT- most of her friends seem pretty on par with Merr.

Merrick's White Coat Ceremony

Merrick’s White Coat Ceremony

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