Catching Fireflies.

We celebrated Kristin’s last few weeks as a “single woman” in Savannah in late June. Her MOH and cousin, Shannon, booked a cute condo in downtown Savvy and we walked to The Bohemian for dinner and then Savannah Smiles for a night full of dancing, singing (screaming) and celebrating K Cox. It’s very rare that I hang out with all women (as most of the time, I’m with Robert), but it’s really nice to change it up a bit. We talked and laughed into the early hours of Saturday morning, reminiscing about our times at Clemson, recounting old spring break trips and discussing millions of wedding deets.

Girls at Savannah Smiles for KC's Bach!

Girls at Savannah Smiles for KC’s Bach!

I hopped up early Saturday morning and drove to Robert’s in Hendersonville to get ready for Cheen’s wedding.  Cheen lived three doors down from my family’s house on Bramblewood growing up. When I think of Cheen, I remember sleepovers, lemonade stands, her lab George, sledding down her driveway and visiting her Folly Beach house. She looked gorgeous walking down the aisle and it was fun reconnecting with her during the reception. We had a blast dancing at the reception. It’s pretty fun when you’re whole family is out on the dance floor tearing it up. At the end of the night my mom’s feet hurt her so badly that Robert carried her out of the Poinsett Club like a baby.  I’m pretty sure that when your fiancé carries your mom out of the reception at the end of the party, you can call that night a success. We ended up going out in downtown Greenville, met up with some old friends and even made a new, crazy one.



Compilation of the fun at Cheen's wedding

Compilation of the fun at Cheen’s wedding

On Sunday, Robert and I headed back to Hendo for some R&R. I was exhausted after more than 700 miles of driving around the southeast. Late that night, we sat on Robert’s front porch in the pitch black and watched (and caught) the millions of lightening bugs as the swarmed his yard. It was a perfect way to wind down a whirlwind weekend.

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