Jessie Ray

I started this post a while back and because of all of the crazy traveling and weddings/bachelorette parties, I haven’t had a chance to update.

The weekend after my last post was all about Jessie Ray. Jessie’s one of my best friends from college and she’s awesome, beautiful, smart and funny all mixed together. 🙂 Jessie and Scott met on a blind double date during our senior year at Clemson through Jess’s sister and brother-in-law. They’ve stayed together through Jessie’s trip to India, Scott’s tour in Afghanistan, starting new jobs in Columbia and Jessie’s application to med school. Scott proposed earlier this year and since Jessie recently got accepted to med school (!!!!), she wanted to have her wedding before August.  So, the date is set. On July 27, my Julmer will become Jessie Ray.

I’m honored that Jessie asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. My dress bridesmaid arrived last week and I recently bought my shoes. In early-May, most of Jessie’s bridesmaids traveled to Myrtle Beach to celebrate Jess, catch some sun, and reconnect as we haven’t been together as a group in about 3 years.

I slept at Jessie’s house in Cola on Thursday night and rode with her down to the beach early that next morning. We made some pit stops along the way (to buy shoes, scope out Marshalls, and grab snacks at WalMart) of course, but we made it onto the sand by 12:30. Slowly, but surely, all of the girls arrived at our beautiful condo that looked similar to Atlantis. We got all gussied up and headed to House of Blues for dinner and out to a close bar afterwards with disco lights.  Saturday consisted of sun, sun, sun, frozen daiquiris, laughing and reminiscing about college, takeout pizza, and dancing the night away.

I’m so glad that we all got together to celebrate Jessie. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard at some points. Jessie is a friend who would give me the shirt off of her back if I needed it and I can’t wait to be part of her big day in July!

Jessie and me during freshman year!

Jessie and me during freshman year!

Jessie's Bachelorette Party

Jessie’s Bachelorette Party


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