The Change Up.

I’m not really good with big changes. I’m a creature of habit and like to get into routines. My pattern tendencies show through in my job, my health, the way I communicate and my friendships. So when something within one of those realms varies, it takes me a minute to accept and adapt to the change.

Most recently, I’ve been dealing with the change of a roommate and close friend moving away and physically (but not emotionally) out of my life. Margo headed to the coast late last week to start a new chapter, at a new job in Charleston. To top it off, she’s moving about 5 hours closer to her boyfriend! I’m super excited for her opportunity, and I know she’ll love being so close to the beautiful Charleston beaches.

Margs told us about her wish to move to Charleston a few months back. It’s been fun watching the progression of her interest move from consideration, to job searching, to interviewing and securing the new gig.  She quickly found a roommate and a brand-spankin-new apartment in Mt. Pleasant. She’s ready to rock.

The reason it’s difficult for me to embrace this change and say good-bye to Margo (not that I actually need a reason, though :-)) is that I associate Atlanta with Margo and Lauren. We all moved down here at the same time, knowing very few people, and have fought our way to kick-ass in our jobs and have fun while exploring a new city. “The Trifecta,” as some of our ATL friends lovingly refer to us, acclimated to life after college by prancing around the bars in Buckhead, dominating co-ed kickball, taking part in every festival imaginable and growing in ways that were unimaginable.

So, after a few weeks of farewell dinners and happy hours, last Thursday was go-time. I got upset before work while telling Margs good-bye. And it was super weird seeing our empty apartment after her mom helped Margo move her furniture out.  But, the good thing is that Margs and I have created a friendship that will last over the miles, and I’ll be in Charleston quite a bit this summer. I’m excited to see hear about her adventures in Chucktown!

At Margo's farewell happy hour!

At Margo’s farewell happy hour!

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