The Change Up.

I’m not really good with big changes. I’m a creature of habit and like to get into routines. My pattern tendencies show through in my job, my health, the way I communicate and my friendships. So when something within one of those realms varies, it takes me a minute to accept and adapt to the change.

Most recently, I’ve been dealing with the change of a roommate and close friend moving away and physically (but not emotionally) out of my life. Margo headed to the coast late last week to start a new chapter, at a new job in Charleston. To top it off, she’s moving about 5 hours closer to her boyfriend! I’m super excited for her opportunity, and I know she’ll love being so close to the beautiful Charleston beaches.

Margs told us about her wish to move to Charleston a few months back. It’s been fun watching the progression of her interest move from consideration, to job searching, to interviewing and securing the new gig.  She quickly found a roommate and a brand-spankin-new apartment in Mt. Pleasant. She’s ready to rock.

The reason it’s difficult for me to embrace this change and say good-bye to Margo (not that I actually need a reason, though :-)) is that I associate Atlanta with Margo and Lauren. We all moved down here at the same time, knowing very few people, and have fought our way to kick-ass in our jobs and have fun while exploring a new city. “The Trifecta,” as some of our ATL friends lovingly refer to us, acclimated to life after college by prancing around the bars in Buckhead, dominating co-ed kickball, taking part in every festival imaginable and growing in ways that were unimaginable.

So, after a few weeks of farewell dinners and happy hours, last Thursday was go-time. I got upset before work while telling Margs good-bye. And it was super weird seeing our empty apartment after her mom helped Margo move her furniture out.  But, the good thing is that Margs and I have created a friendship that will last over the miles, and I’ll be in Charleston quite a bit this summer. I’m excited to see hear about her adventures in Chucktown!

At Margo's farewell happy hour!

At Margo’s farewell happy hour!

Happy Maddy

I woke up with a huge smile on my face today. Why? Because I’m completely happy. Plain and simple. I’m excited and over the moon about everything that’s going on in my life right now. A few things I’ve been focused on over the past few weeks:

Family– Over the past month, I’ve seen my family quite a bit. My mom and sister came to Atlanta in late March to wedding dress shop and… dun dun dun… we found the dress! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love, love, love it.

A couple of weeks ago, my family met up in Charleston for a long weekend of celebrating my Aunt Marg’s 60th birthday, running the Charleston Cooper River Bridge Run, watching Venus and Serena face-off at the Family Circle Cup and shopping on King Street. The laughs, stories and love that we shared made it a perfect weekend.

Last weekend, I went home to Greenville, SC to meet our day-of wedding planner and celebrate Kim’s 50th birthday with a surprise party.  First: the wedding planner. Love her. We met with her at a Starbucks in DT Greenville and chatted about everything wedding-wise for about 2 hours. She gave us opinions on bands, rehearsal dinner spots, caterers and day-of ideas. My mom, sister and I have similar opinions and it was nice to have a third party affirm most of our thoughts.

Later that night, we headed over to Nancy’s house for Kim’s surprise party. My mom and her friends had planned the big she-bang for about 4 months and it paid off. The party, people and personalized pillows were perfect. 🙂  My mom read a beautiful poem honoring Kim and she had the whole party laughing and smiling throughout the entire reading. Robert leaned over to me while my mom was presenting the poem and said, “Now I know where you got your writing skills.”

Work: I’m loving it. I’ve been conducting intern interviews over the past few weeks and explaining what it means to be a Porter  Novelli employee. Throughout each meeting with potential candidates, I’m realizing more and more how much I love PN. This agency compares to none. It truly is awesome. I come into work every day looking forward to working with my team. I’m given the chance to be creative, learn, grow, and have fun in a collaborative environment with positive, smart people. I have a wonderful coach on my team who wants and encourages me to grow. I can’t say enough nice things about this place.  Ok. Enough of drinking the PN Kool-Aid… moving on….

Robert– [Gush warning] In the beginning of my post, I said that I wake up with a smile on my face. A lot of that has to do with the fact that in less than 10 short months, I’m going to marry the most amazing man thatI’ve ever met (besides my dad). And the sparkly diamond on my finger reminds me of that every day.  Even though we’re technically in a long distance relationship still, Robert and I talk about 15 times a day via phone calls, texts and even sometimes emails.  Each conversation and visit makes me fall more in love with him. He is sincerely interested in my day, my feelings, my to-do list, my work stories, my workout progress, my family, and the list goes on and on. And I’m really interested in everything in his life. Robert is a rare gem, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.  🙂 

All in all, I’m very fortunate and thankful for everything that’s been going in my life. I try not to take things for granted because, as we unfortunately saw earlier this week in Boston, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.