Life lately.

Last weekend, I went home to Greenville to wedding dress shop with my mom and sister. After three stores and about twenty dresses, we sill didn’t find “the dress.” Even though the final dress decision wasn’t made, we had a great time breaking down the dresses and picking out what we liked/disliked about each one. I tried on dresses of every size, shape and material, so now I have a better understanding of what I want The One to look like. The best part about dress shopping was spending the whole day with my mom and sister laughing and chatting and sharing opinions.

The rest of last weekend was filled with listening to bands online, looking at photographers’ websites and vegging out with my family and Robert.

This week, I went to San Francisco for work and fell in love with the city.

I’m currently in Hendersonville helping Robert insert a sump pump into his basement. By help, I mean I’m sitting in the sun, listening to country music, watching my handy man saw and break up concrete, and blogging.

Here are pics detailing my life lately according to my iPhone:













Planning, planning, planning.

In the past, when I’ve heard girls say “I have SO much to plan for my wedding,” and “I have to go home to do wedding planning,” I’ve rolled my eyes. I would think to myself, “ Is it really THAT complicated?”  It is. And I apologize to every girl that I’ve ever rolled my eyes at now. There are a million little things that need to be decided upon- and I’ve started to realize that over the past month.

Robert and I have now been engaged for a little over 3 weeks. Since then, we’ve booked a reception spot, picked out our bridal party, bought bridesmaids’ dresses and jewelry, decided the main wedding colors, narrowed down photographers and bands, booked a florist and booked a day-of wedding planner. EEKS! Who knew all of that went into a love-filled, wedding weekend?

While we (me and my mom) were a bit overwhelmed in the beginning of planning, I think we’re feeling more comfortable with all of the decisions that need to be made since the wedding and reception venues are booked. Instead of stressing about every little detail, I’m embracing the phone calls, emails, texts and even Pinterest boards that are surrounding my wedding. It’s an amazing feeling to have everyone you love focused on you and your Big Celebration.

Last Monday, I had President’s Day off from work and was heading back to ATL from a long weekend in Myrtle Beach (½ marathon).  Instead of going straight back to the city, I headed home to Greenville to meet with my mom and chat through wedding stuff.  Our day turned from chatting about dates for a wedding shower and flower arrangements to things that are far more important.

My mom and I talk to each other a lot. Like a lot. Like at least once every day and sometimes even more. She’s my best friend and we have a really strong relationship. It seems as though during each life-changing event that I go through, I have a pretty serious heart-to-heart with my mom that differs from our other conversations.  These conversations are in no-way planned, but they somehow naturally occur. It happened before I went to college. It happened before I graduated and moved to Atlanta. It happened before I decided to take a new job. And it happened on President’s Day.

This talk encompassed the future, marriage, friendships, worries, the “gems” in our lives and love. I will never, ever forget it.

Wedding planning so far has been an absolute blast. I’ve laughed at some of the dresses that my sister has picked out for the bridesmaids, I’ve smiled as I’ve chatted with my dad about his excitement for our Big Day, and I’ve even cried because of all of the emotions that I’m feeling all at once about everything at the same time.

This year is going to be a crazy, fun, loving, wedding-filled ride.  Bring.It.On.