Meeting Pilar.

This past weekend, Robert came into town, and we went to see an improve show at Dad’s Garage in Inman Park. Margo came along and we had a great time belly laughing at the actors and munching Mexican food afterwards. Inman Park is a really cool area with quirky residents and unique food. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the high rises and large chain restaurants of Buckhead.

Spectacular Saturday- I’m running a half marathon (along with Robert, Merr, Sam, Margo and Parks) in Myrtle Beach in a couple of weeks and have yet to do some seriously long runs. That all changed on Saturday. Robert and I ran nine miles through the busy streets of Buckhead. I was very surprised at how good I felt after the run, and I’m now positive that we’re going to kick this 13.1 miles straight in the teeth.

When we got about a half of a mile away from my apartment, we noticed an older woman (in her 80’s) walking with groceries and struggling to hold them up.  She was stopping every five steps or so. Robert and I stopped and offered to help carry her goods back to her apartment and she happily accepted.  It turns out, this woman, Pilar, is from Spain and moved to Ohio to be closer to her family.  As her family grew and moved due to new adventures in life, she ended up in Atlanta (without a car).  She explained that while her family does live close, they have their own families and priorities to take care of, so she walks to the grocery store when she needs food.  She got emotional as we rounded the corner to her house because she was so thankful that we had stopped to help. I gave her my phone number and let her know that I’d be happy to pick her up to take her to the grocery store anytime that she wanted. She even invited us to come by her house to keep her company when we’re in town.

I got emotional after we left Pilar because her mannerisms and stories reminded me a lot of my Nana. I know there was a reason that God introduced us to Pilar on Saturday after a beautiful run- it wrapped up our afternoon perfectly.

Robert and I grabbed dinner at Two Urban Licks on Saturday night to celebrate our year and a half anniversary. It was so nice sitting down and chatting about our time together and what the future may hold.

Super Bowl Sunday- On Sunday, I dragged Robert to IKEA. 🙂 He loved it! I got a few odd purchases and he pointed out items that he really liked. When we got back to my apartment, Robert- my handyman- hung my mirror (after 2.5 years of it sitting on the ground), hung up a picture and built a table that fit perfectly in the corner for all of my “getting ready” essentials (makeup, hair dryer, curlers, etc.).  I’m so lucky to have a man who’s ready to roll up his sleeves and build stuff with/for me.

We had about 10 people at our house to watch the Big Game. I made chicken wings and I guess they were a hit. I didn’t eat them. I don’t like eating meat after I’ve seen it raw and cooked it myself- weird, I know.  It was fun to host a party with friends- new and old- and form more bonded relationships over a football game that I really cared less about.

We were busy bees this weekend.  I’m usually not one to complain about being tired, but this Monday, I’ve been exhausted. I’m lucky that the Bachelor is on because it gives me an excuse to veg out and go to sleep early.

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