Mountain Weekend in Asheville

A few weeks ago, my roommates, sister, Brandon, Parks and Sam joined Robert and me for a mountain weekend in North Carolina.  It was a great way to kick-start the Fall season and spend a little bit of time OTP (outside the perimeter).

On Friday, Robert grilled out ribs and Merr and Sam made shish kabobs for the group at Robert’s house in Hendersonville. It was such a crisp, cool night and my pyro-man, Robert, built a big bonfire for us. I love seeing him drag limbs/wood to feed the fire- he always seems totally in his element. We blared music, danced and screamed lyrics to 90’s songs all night while dressed in sweatshirts, jeans and boots. (I love Fall.)  Good thing Robert doesn’t have close neighbors because the singing (screaming) voices of Margo, Merr, Lauren and myself would probably drive them nutso.

Bonfire + Dancing

We woke up at a fairly decent hour on Saturday and everyone quickly (and surprisingly) got ready to head into Asheville for the day/night.  I rocked my side braid, new little brown booties, side purse and hippie printed skirt to walk around the city. I fit right in. We stopped at Biltmore Park to grab lunch (and blue moons, obvi) at Hickory Tavern and then continued into the downtown area.

While the guys shot pool and watched football at an Asheville bar, Merr and I took Lauren and Margo to the cute boutique dress shops around town.  There is a major difference between boutiques in A-ville and boutiques in the ATL. While most boutiques in ATL show dresses appropriate for cocktail parties and college football gamedays, most Asheville boutiques show dresses appropriate for attending outdoor concerts and festivals.

Girls in Asheville!

Mountain Man and Madison

We met up with the guys and then all headed to the hotel to check in and get ready for the night. By 8:30, we were ready to go again. We headed to a Cuban restaurant for a little fiesta and then to Scully’s for drinks. After we chilled on the back porch for a while, everyone got the itch to dance, so we headed to Mags for the live band and watched a bachelorette dance a pretty planned out routine to “Billy Jean”.  One of my favorite things to do when we go out is dance with Robert. He constantly twirls me, we make up random moves and rarely leave the dance floor. 🙂

On Sunday morning, we all woke up, packed up our stuff and headed to Cracker Barrel. After breakfast, I’m pretty sure two thoughts were running through everyone’s  heads: “Why don’t we go to Cracker Barrel more often?” and “I’m tired.” I’m so thankful that Branny drove the ATL girls back to the big city.  But I’m even more thankful that Branny and Lauren kept the “Jackson 5” Pandora station on a low volume so that the two princesses could sleep in the backseat.

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