Hippy Leeber Dee

Behind the major holidays (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.), I think that Labor Day weekend is one my favorite times of the year.  Labor Day weekend marks the start of college football, the beginning of fall and another year that’s been added to my roommate Lauren’s life. 🙂

This past Labor Day weekend did not disappoint.  Clemson played Auburn at the Georgia Dome in ATL, so many of my friends from school came in town for a reunion! I think the weekend is best described in pictures:

Most of the girls at the Buckhead Pub Crawl

Drew won the dance contest, which surprised no one. King Tut style.

We tailgated at the Georgia Dome. Love that orange.

Margy (my roommate from USC) came!

Sister, sister.

Labor Day weekend also happened to be Dragon Con weekend in ATL. We had the privilege of meeting Sasquatch himself.

The week after Labor Day was pretty busy for me.  Lauren turned the big 2-4 and we celebrated with the traditional roommate dinner at Maggiano’s. YUM. I also started on a new soccer team full of new faces.  The team is really talented and I think that I’m going to like playing with them.

Beautiful Birthday Girl!

And one of the most exciting things about last week: I’m going to be a bridesmaid in Kristin’s wedding! Kristin was my college roommate at Clemson for 3 years and she’s marrying her boyfriend of 6 years!  Most of my favorite memories of parties, football games, spring breaks and random trips include Kristin.  I’m so excited and honored that she’s invited me to stand next to her on her big day.  I received a card on late Tuesday afternoon with a picture of a wine bottle that asked, “Madison, help me tie the knot, will you be my bridesmaid?”  I immediately called Kristin after work and screamed into the phone, “OF COURSE!!”  I can’t wait for the wedding festivities to begin. I’ll be documenting them all right here. 🙂

Such a cute idea.

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