Do you think you could live there?

Every time that I travel to a new city for a work event (NYC, San Diego,Tampa, Orlando, Las Vegas and now Nashville), my mom inevitably asks the question, “Well, do you think you could live there?”  Most of the time, I explain that in my book, the area doesn’t compare to the things that I love about Atlanta.  However, the one place that I would literally pick up and move to tomorrow (if Robert and my family would move along with me)  is San Diego. It’s clean, fun and the weather always seems to be gorgeous.

I say that to explain that my trip to Nashville is the first time that I truly do not have an opinion on possible future residency one way or the other.  All of my friends who have visited Nashville absolutely love this place.  Because I’ve been attending a work event, I’ve spent almost my entire trip at the Gaylord Opryland.  On my next trip here (hopefully soon!) I hope to explore the whole city a bit more, listen to the wannabe country stars on the sidewalks and buy some new cowboy boots. 🙂

When I arrived at the Gaylord Opryland, I found out that my room was upgraded to a balcony room.

We took a boat ride on the General Jackson on Tuesday night and experienced an awards banquet, a country music show and the Nashville skyline at night.

Nashville Skyline

This weekend, I’m heading to Asheville for a mountain weekend with Robert, my sister, Sam, Brittney, Derrick, Margo, Lauren, Brandon and Parks.  I see a bonfire, a cookout, warm clothes, micro-brews, shopping, football watching, dancing, singing and laughter in our futures for this weekend. Just call me Ms. Cleo.

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