The Pretty Song

When Merrick and I were little (four and six) and living in Massachusetts, my dad would lift weights in our basement after work. While he was working out, Merr and I would play and dance around the basement to any music that my dad blasted through the stereo.  We really loved one song by Phil Collins, “Everyday”, which we dubbed “The Pretty Song.”  I’m not exactly sure how many times we asked my dad to play “The Pretty Song” while he was working out, but knowing our persistent attitudes, I’m guessing it was a lot.

When I was in college, my dad called me one day on my way home from class and told me that he heard “The Pretty Song” on the radio.  He asked if I remembered the song and unfortunately, I couldn’t remember it exactly. But, when I arrived home, I immediately looked it up on iTunes and the melody and words became all too familiar again.

The song isn’t one that’s too happy, but one line in particular reminds me of my dad:

Do you ever wonder why, why I love everything about you?

I love the way that my dad gives advice. I go to my dad with major issues (or issues that seem major to me).  He’s always the first that I call about any tough decisions.  He’s the first that I call about anything relating to work, money or cars.  And he’s the first one that I want to call when I reach any big accomplishments in my life.

I love the way that my dad is involved in my life and my sister’s life. My dad was always at our soccer games silently cheering on the sidelines, and that strong, quiet encouragement has continued throughout our lives.  Whether it’s encouragement to do well in school, kick butt in sports or move to a new city, my dad’s been there along with my mom to help along the way.

I love the way that my dad treats my mom.  Because he treats my mom like a queen, my dad’s set the bar really high for any man who’s come into my sister’s life and my life.  My dad would rather spend his Monday nights watching The Bachelorette with my mom than watch ESPN. My dad would rather golf with my mom on a Saturday than play golf with men.  And my dad takes my mom’s side on everything, no matter what.

Like The Pretty Song says, I love every thing about my dad. He is the kindest, smartest, most level-headed and loving man that I’ve ever known.  A lot of people tell me that I act a lot like my dad. I take that as a compliment and feel lucky that I’ve been given 23 years with the best dad in the world.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Thank you for everything.  I love you with all my heart. 🙂

My dad and me!

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