Travel Tales: Hendo and San Diego


Two weeks ago, Robert’s family went to Water Island, so he had to stay home in Hendersonville to take care of his family’s dogs. I trucked on up to Hendo after work on Friday and we ate Japanese take-out and lounged since we both had long weeks at work. On Saturday, Robert planned a hike for us in the Pisgah National Forest called the Daniel Ridge Loop Trail.   It was a loop, but we started on the side of the trail that took us directly up hill for most of the hike (by chose, I mean we blindly took the trail to the right).  We saw a gorgeous waterfall and met some mountain bikers on our walk.  The weather was perfect, but my favorite parts of the hike were our conversations.  While Robert and I were walking in the woods, there were no distractions and nothing in particular to steer our conversations, so the communication flew very freely about a million different topics.

Daniel Ridge Falls

On Sunday, I helped Robert pick out colors for the exterior of his house (which was surprisingly fun).  We picked out a dark grey for his front porch poles, light grey for the siding, a dark cream for the lining and RED for the front door!  I helped him paint the poles on his front porch while we blared country music and laughed at our lack of perfection. I headed out around 4 to catch my flight from Asheville to San Diego…

Robert painting away…

San Diego…

I left Asheville on Sunday afternoon, had a connecting flight in ATL and then took off to Cali on Sunday evening. I spent a total of 30 hours in the city of San Diego, but it was definitely worth it. I staffed a couple of media briefings, worked from my hotel room for most of the day, and then explored the city that night. I found the city to be very clean and I enjoyed walking around the shops in the Gaslamp Quarter.  I returned back into Asheville on Tuesday, grabbed dinner with Robbie and headed back to the A.

Cool art in San Diego


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