Margy’s Birthday and Brookhaven Beer Fest

Brookhaven Beer Fest…

Last weekend, we celebrated my beautiful roommate Margo’s Birthday!  We had everyone over to our apartment complex on Friday night for a big cookout at our pool. Robert grilled hotdogs and hammies and we all caught up.  I hadn’t been back in Atlanta for a few weekends, so it was nice seeing everyone and hearing what had been going down in A-town.

On Saturday, we invited everyone over to our apartment for a pre-party for the Brookhaven Beer Fest (BBF) in celebration of Margo’s birthday.  This year, we dressed more sensibly based on last year’s unbearable heat (i.e. Lauren’s wedge melting as we flitted around the festival).  I donned a fedora for the absolute first time in my life, and I loved it!  After about an hour, we walked down the main street to the festival as Drew inevitably yelled/sang , “APPLE VALLEY ROAD, BOOTS WITH THE FUR.”

Roomies at BBF

While at the BBF, we tasted new beers and I ran into friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. (Digression: It’s really odd to me that I’ve been in Atlanta long enough to have friends that “I haven’t seen in a while.”) Robert convinced me to try Summer Shandy and I fell in love. Partly because it was so refreshing and tasted like lemonade and mostly because the word Shandy sounds a LOT like the word Shanny. 🙂  We danced to the DJ, tasted a ton of beer and beer icecream, and wobbled.  I ended up with a collection of koozies (seriously, Josh, please come take them home), Robert ended up with a case of some nasty beer, Grant ended up with a kickball and Lauren ended up with an XL t-shirt.   We wrapped up our night at our new favorite pub, Olde Blind Dog in Town Brookhaven.  I’d say we helped bring Margy’s 25th in with a bang!

The whole group at BBF


I just flew back from NYC where I experienced my first ever first class flight. I thought I was ready to take a break from all of the traveling, but after this plush ride, I think I’d like to do it again… More to come about Maddy’s Adventures in Business Class.


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