Pink Napkin Hats

The past few weeks have been crazy busy with travel (north), travel (west) and more travel (north).  Fair warning that these next couple of posts are a little out of date and may be lengthy, but better late than never, right?

Memorial Day Weekend:

On the Thursday before MDW, Robert and I flew up to Burlington, VT (aka Asheville of the north) for my cousin Chris’s wedding to his beautiful girlfriend, Molly.  The wedding was actually in a town called Vergennes, but we’re lucky that the closest airport was in the Burl because there’s no way I would wanted to miss visiting that town. We bombed around Burlington that Thursday night, drank wine on a dock on Lake Champlain and watched the sunset. When I hit it rich, I’m moving to Burl (but only for the summer months).

Restaurant on Lake Champlain in Burlington

Beautiful sunset on Lake Champlain

Robert and me on the dock

On Friday, my mom and dad joined us as we explored the town of Burlington, shopped and met up with my cousin Lindsay and her boyfriend, Brendan from D.C.  In the late afternoon, we decided to head to the town of the actual wedding, Vergennes, VT to settle in before the big, family cocktail party. The location of the wedding was at a resort called the Basin Harbor Club. It was an absolutely gorgeous resort on Lake Champlain with mini-cottages, tennis courts, a huge clubhouse and a golf course. It was the perfect place to bring a group of people for such a nice occasion.  We immediately made friends with one of the new employees, Jeff, and recruited him as our golf cart chauffeur. He took us to our cottage and returned an hour later to take us to the cocktail party at the Red Mill Restaurant.

Cottage similar to the one in which my family stayed.

Beautiful Lake Champlain in the back.

The party was a gathering of all family and close friends of Chris and Molly. It was awesome to see my extended family (which I hadn’t seen in 2 years) and catch up on major life events.  This was the first time that I had ever taken a boyfriend to any sort of extended family event, so I was excited and anxious to introduce Robert to my aunts, uncles and cousins. He fit right in and was taking Irish Car Bombs with the groomsmen by the end of the night…

My cousin, Lindsay and me at the cocktail party.

On early Saturday (and I remember this because 50,000 lights were turned on and there was fighting about beds), my sister and Sam joined us at the Harbor Basin Club.  Once we were all up-and-at-em, we grabbed a quick breakfast and Robert and I played tennis on the courts across from my family’s cottage. After I gave Robert a quick beating, we all put on our suits and headed down to swimFREEZE at Lake Champlain. The water was colder then at Sliding Rock, but it was refreshing. We jumped on the floating trampoline, paddle-boarded, kayaked and rode in foot-paddled boats.  My entire family was out on the water until it was time to get ready for the big wedding.

Paddle boating

Paddle boarding

Chris and Molly’s wedding started at 4 p.m. (so Jeff picked us up at 3:40) and took place on a floating dock on Lake Champlain overlooking the water and the mountainous background.  They recited their own vows and my cousin (a tough guy) choked up during his vows. Molly looked so pretty and the whole wedding party was nicely put together in pinks and greens. Immediately following the wedding was a cocktail hour and then a sit-down dinner.  The reception consisted of: heart-felt speeches from the maid-of-honor and best man, napkin hats (a Fisher tradition),screaming  singing “Don’t Stop Believin”” with the band, tons of dancing and laughing to the point of tears.

Molly and Chris

The gorgeous ceremony!

Napkin hats at the reception Robbie was loving it. Ha!

Probably my favorite picture from the whole wedding.

Wasn’t joking when I said I sang/screamed with the band…

We headed back south on Sunday and I was really sad leaving my family and Vermont.  I can’t wait for the next Fisher wedding!