Resting My Dogs

Last weekend was one of two weekends that I’ve spent in Atlanta since March. I was hoping for a fun, but chill weekend to sit back, and rest my dogs.

On Friday night, Robert, Laur, Bran and I grabbed an early din din (and margaritas) at our fav place in Brookhaven, Verde. We ate dinner with a local news celebrity, Jovita Moore, too! This furthers our declaration that we only party hangout with celebrities in Atlanta. Anyway, Jovita gave us the low down on what she was going to be talking about on the 11 p.m. news before we peaced out. (By “us eating with Jovita” I really mean that we sat two tables down from her and tried to pinpoint exactly how we recognized her for about 30 minutes.)

Our BFF (read: Lauren’s friend/roommate from Penn State/Italy) was in town from Philly and staying with her aunt in a grandiose penthouse suite in Buckhead. We headed that way after Verde and drank hungout on the balcony overlooking the beautiful city.

Lauren, Madison, Marissa on the balcony in Buckhead

Of course, the next stop on our tour de Buckhead was Churchills where we stayed for the rest of the night dancing, laughing, and wearing lampshades on our heads. It’s become standard for Robert to pluck off the baby lampshades at Churchills and place them on all of our friends’ heads for photo opps, Abu impersonations and balancing acts. See all three acts below:

Robert and Madison

Drew and Margo

Marissa and Lauren

I’d dubbed Saturday as a surprise date night for Robert as a (sort of) “thank you” for everything that he’s done for me especially over the past couple of months. We spent the day at the pool, and he had no idea where we were going/what we were doing until we were on our way to Genki (VaHi style).  It was then that I revealed that we were going… DUN DUN DUN… to see an improve show at Dad’s Garage in Inman Park. His eyes and smile lit up as he asked “That’s great! Um… what’s that?”  I explained as much as I could from what I gathered from the website like: they get ideas from the audience, it’s kind of like a play with no script, it’s supposed to be funny, etc.  Bottom line: neither one of us knew what we were in for…

The show didn’t start until 10:30, so after finishing dinner, we drove on over to the Inman Park area, grabbed a couple of drinks at Pure Taqueria, people watched and talked.  We headed into Dad’s Garage around 10 and snagged a couple of seats towards the back.  There wasn’t a bad seat in the place.  Once the show started, we understood a little bit more about improv.  Our show, Theater Sports showcased two improv teams of three that battled over 4 “themes” that were chosen. The teams would then look to the audience to start a scene and would build the skit based on the theme and the recommendations from the audience. Robert and I It was hilarious and we hope to go back again soon.

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better wind-down weekend in Atlanta. 🙂 This past Memorial Day weekend, we were in Vermont for my cousin’s wedding.  More to come about our beautiful trip to Burlington and Vergennes, VT!

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