Wedding Weekend in Columbia, S.C.

This past weekend, Robert and I headed to Columbia, South Carolina to attend my friend Jessie’s sister Geordie’s wedding. We stayed in a part of Columbia called The Vista and absolutely loved it! Almost everything that we needed (bars and the wedding reception) was within walking distance (minus the Publix where Robert bought socks that literally strangled his feet).

We didn’t get into town until late Friday night, and unfortunately missed the rehearsal dinner. Instead, we ran out to the Carolina Ale House to grab buffalo shrimp (YUM) and wings. By the time that we wrapped up dinner, Jessie was leaving the rehearsal dinner, so we all headed into Five Points. We ended up at a bar names Jake’s- a bar to which I’d never been. I ran into multiple people from Greenville and Clemson and caught up with one of my sister’s friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.

On Saturday, we ate brunch at a bar named Jillian’s. Upon arrival, we were asked if we were there for The Real World Season 28 auditions. After MUCH consideration (and realizing that I’m not much of a train wreck), I decided not to audition. We drank fun drinks to get us in the wedding mood and then laid out at the pool to catch some rays.

Flash forward to the wedding- Geordie looked absolutely gorgeous. The church was romantically decorated and her bridesmaids dresses were the perfect color pink. This being my first wedding taking Robert as a date, I wasn’t sure how he was going to take the fact that I always tear up when brides walk down the aisle. To my surprise, once Geordie started walking down the aisle, Robert pulled a napkin out of his pocket and handed it to me. 🙂

We were able to drive back to the hotel and walk to the reception after the ceremony. The reception was held on the 20th story of a beautiful building overlooking Columbia and included buffet-style dinner and an ice cream bar. Interesting things that happened at the reception:
– On the way up the elevator to the reception, I asked the pastor who he was attending on behalf of, to which he swiftly replied, “Umm I married them about 30 minutes ago.” (In my defense, the pastor was no longer wearing his pastor-esque outfit.)
– A girl fainted (twice) during Geordie’s dance with her dad.
– Geordie “iced” her new husband when he went to take off her garter (and her husband subsequently “iced” her back too).
– The DJ taught everyone how to do the thriller.
– Jessie’s mom’s cousin, Big Mo, ran out on the dance floor singing and dancing to LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”.

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend and are so thankful that we were invited to help celebrate the Yandle’s wedding.

I’m on MARTA right now heading to the airport for a flight to Orlando. I’m meeting Robert for a mini-vacay in Naples. I’m so excited for sun, the beach, the boat and to play soccer-tennis for the next few days.




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