Three months in the A!

August 24th marked my three month period at Edelman and man has the time flown.  I had my three-month review and made goals for my next year.  I’m excited that my goals are set, and I’m ready to start reaching them!

As far as my life in Atlanta, it’s as crazy and as busy as I thought that it would be.  A couple of weeks ago, my roommates and I participated in the Cuervo Games of Atlanta.  We learned of the games through our friend, Danielle.  (Danielle always seems to know the fun events going on in Atlanta.)  Cuervo Games was held in the Olympic Park right next to my building!  The games consisted of different physically challenging obstacles (think Wipeout) with an end goal of acquring as many points as possible at each obstacle (think Family Double Dare).

The first obstacle was to ring a bell at the top of a 25-foot wall by climbing on “rocks” screwed into a wall rock.  Now I’m no rock climber, but I’ve harnessed up and scaled the rock wall at Galyans (now Dick’s) a time or two.  BUT, I forgot to mention that there were 8 gallons of water falling on us per second during this climb. AND everyone had to try to ring the bell within 45 seconds.  Needless to say, no one on our team made it to the top to ring the bell. (Points available: 25 Points earned: 0)

The next obstacle  was to race another team while running up a bouncy mountain and grabbing flags in a relay-race style.  AND Cuervo Games helpers were throwing soft barrels at you the whole time (think Donkey Kong).  Our team lost to the 30-year old men’s team that we raced against. (Points available: 25 Points earned: 0)

The third, and final obstacle was to walk across swinging platforms, grab leaves off of a fake palm tree, and tag your partner to walk back.  The platforms were 30-feet in the air.  My team grabbed 5 leaves before we finished.  (Points available: Tons Points earned: 5)

We left before the winners were announced, but we weren’t losers! We won grey-blue shirts to add to our t-shirt drawers. Yay!  After getting back from the Games, we grabbed dinner, showered and hopped on MARTA to meet my roommate’s boyfriend and friends at the Braves game.  I think this may have been my most favorite Braves game yet for three reasons: 1. I had no idea who the Braves were playing. 2. We showed up during the 5th inning. and 3. We didn’t sit and watch the game, we stood in the Chophouse and overlooked the outfield when we chose to do so.

I know this post is getting long, but one more thing to add: Last weekend, my roommate Margo, JD, and I joined my roommate Lauren and her boyfriend Brandon as Nittany Lions for the day.  We participated in the “Big 10 Pub Crawl” and took on the Penn State fan roles pretty well. (Margo and I added a little southern style by rocking our cowboy boots).  We wandered all around Buckhead chanting “WE ARE… PENN STATE”.  I learned that Big Ten fans love their teams as much as ACC and SEC teams. Who knew?

I’m heading to Washington State on Wednesday for my cousin’s Labor Day weekend wedding. More to come soon.

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