life update!

I know that I’ve haven’t written on here in a while, but I’m going to try to keep this updated more often.

Where to begin? Ok- This is my third week as an assistant account executive at Edelman.  I love, love, love working there. Everyday is something new and I’m learning so much.  When I interviewed at Edelman and asked each interviewer what their favorite part about Edelman was, they all responded with “the people who I work with.”  After working there for three weeks, I know exactly what they were talking about.  Everyone that I work with is very creative, helpful, and intelligent.  I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such awesome people every day.  I’ve met many of my co-workers and have started to work closely with many of them.  All of them have taught me new things.  I love the fact that I’m learning so much. 

My roommates have both moved in it is very awesome/weird how alike we all are.  None of us knew each other, but we seem to like to do the same things, have similar opinions on the same issues, and even dress the same.  One of my roommates and I have a couple of the same pairs of clothing! 

So right now, life is good.  I’m really happy.  Sometimes I have my down times (like trying to hang curtains and accidentally putting 6 holes in the wall) but I’m pretty sure I’ve had a permanent smile on my face since I’ve moved to Atlanta. 

I really miss my family and Clemson friends, though.  I’m used to my mom running up to Clemson to shop and eat Panera.  I’m used to my dad stopping by Chimney Ridge on his way to give me things I forgot at home.  I’m used to Merrick being with me every second of every day-laughing, laughing, and laughing.  I’m used to Katy laying in my bed and re-capping the weekend.  I’m used to Jessie showing up and hearing her latest crazy tale.  I’m used to the guys calling every night to see where the next gathering was and what they needed to bring. 

It’s weird being on my own and not having anyone to immediately lean on.  I re-did my room by myself.  I figured out our cable and Internet by myself (believe me it was a nightmare).  And I’ve learned about  Atlanta by myself (sometimes this is totally by accident because of my horrible sense of direction and refusal to listen to my GPS). 

I guess I’m finally growing up.  And you know what? I like it. 🙂

 Until next time, I’ll leave you with this stanza from one of my sister’s favorite songs.  I heard it tonight on my run, and I played it twice:

“When you’re happy like a fool
Let it take you over
When everything is out
You gotta take it in.”

– Good Life, OneRepublic


5 thoughts on “life update!

  1. I’m SO happy that growing up is happening so smoothly and joyfully for you! Enjoy every second of it and give it some time – you’ll make friends in Atlanta, too!

    I’m very proud of you, Madison 🙂

  2. Madison, I am so happy for you! After our chat on gmail today I thought I’d see if you have been blogging, and you have! Sounds like you have a great set up in Atlanta and I hope to read more updates soon!

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