Results from the Upstate Homeless Coalition’s Bridesmaid’s Ball!

[cross-post from the Upstate Homeless Coalition of South Carolina’s blog]

After asking Linda Wilson more about the statistics and numbers from the Bridesmaid’s Ball, I wanted to share them.

  • How many people attended the Bridesmaid’s Ball?  About 200 people attended!
  • How much money did the ball raise? The ball raised about 38,500, but this is an estimate.
  • How much money specifically did the silent auction raise? The auction raised about 6,400.
  • What was the best part of the ball in your opinion?  The food was superior. An older friend of mine said his wife was shoveling the food in and sending him on to other food tables to see what they still needed to try. We are none for our food anyway, but this year I believe we surpassed other years. Also, it was obvious that people were having a great time.

All in all, it seems as though the Ball was a great success!! I’m so glad that the Clemson Communication Studies students were able to help out, volunteer, and have fun!


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