Upstate Homeless Coalition’s Bridesmaid’s Ball

This Saturday, I, along with 5 of my best friends, volunteered at the Upstate Homeless Coalition’s Bridesmaid’s Ball in Greenville, SC at the Marriott.  On our way to the ball, I thanked my friends for giving up their Saturday night to volunteer with me… On the way home… they thanked me for letting them volunteer and have so much fun.   


My friends at the Bridesmaid's Ball
JD Burgess, Madison Fisher, Katy Padgett, Edward Meyer, Merrick Fisher, and Sam McElrath helped out at the ball.


We arrived at 6:30 and got our badges and job descriptions.  Our job was to deliver the silent auction prizes at the end of the night to the highest bidder.  That means we were able to enjoy the food, drinks, and dancing before our shift started.   

Part of the wonderful food that was offered at the Upstate Homeless Coalition's Bridesmaid's Ball.

Part of the food that was offered at the Bridesmaid's Ball.


The ball was laid out like a wedding reception (without the actual wedding).  The host bride and groom were announced and had their “first” dance, a cake was cut, and speeches and toasts were made.  Mike and Linda both spoke briefly.  One of the speakers was an actual victim of homelessness and spoke about how the Upstate Homeless Coalition helped turn her life around.  She now has three very successful children who know the value of hard work from their heroic mother.    

After the speeches, more dancing ensued.  Then came the best part… the Bridesmaids’ Dress from Hell Contest.  There were about 15 contestants and every dress was unique in a different way.  This was my favorite dress:     


Kate was a contestant who received the runner-up award for her bridesmaid’s dress from hell.


The winner was on a lady who wore a dress straight from the Hippie Era.  She even wore her hair in a way that a hippie would.   After the contest, attendees danced, drank, and were served gelato.  I danced with both Mike and Linda’s husband!  At the end of the night, we helped give the auction prizes to their rightful owners and headed back to Clemson.  It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night.  Having fun while helping out the homeless!

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