In class today, we are discussing our slogan and or campaign for this semester.  These are the words that were thrown about while developing our mission statement:

Awareness, Excellence, Invisibility, Community, Voice/Voiceless, Change, Pro-Active, Serve, Homeless/Houseless, Opportunity, Housing, Hope, Justice/Injustice, Alleviate, Economics, Education, Connection, Roofless, Helping, Selfless, Stigma, NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), Ambiguity, Improve, Unlock, Invest, Stereotype, Prejudice, Brocken, Society, Causes, Advocacy, Help, Cyclical, Issue, Systematic, continuum, Issue, Jobless, Problem, support, Collaborative, Story, Building, Future, Family, Gap, Social Gap, Shelter, Eliminate, Self-Sufficient, Accountability, Permanence, Build, Transition, Optimism, Involvement, Promote, Poverty.

We then discussed our audience: Who do we want to understand and like our campaign?  What would appeal to a Clemson University student that may not appeal to a 65-year-old retiree who may be giving money to help sponsor the Upstate Homeless Coalition? The words “Society, Social Family, Under 35 demographic”.  Then, we broke into smaller groups to discuss possible slogans. 

Our group started talking about longer slogans and decided that a short, concise, and sweet slogan would be more memorable.  We looked up popular advertisement campaigns.  Apple’s “i” campaign, Milk’s “Got Milk” campaign, and Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign quickly came to mind.  Our group decided to use the slogan “JUST END IT.”  It encompasses all of the words from our brainstorming session and also peaks curiosity at the same time.  I’m really excited to see what the other groups in our class come up with.

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