We Could Be the Start of Something Great.

Since the beginning of the semester, we’ve been discussing different ways that our class can help the Upstate Homeless Coalition as well as reading Who Is My Neighbor by Phillip Tomkins.  With only a couple of chapters to go, it’s time to start thinking about the overall picture.  What is our responsibility to the Upstate Homeless Coalition?  Dr. David Novak told us to think abstractly about how we want to help the UHC.


In my opinion, any help that our class offers to the UHC will help for the rest of the semester.  Helping in minor ways  like creating a social media plan, drafting stories for the UHC newsletter, volunteering at the shelter, and analyzing data will come together and make a big difference for the UHC.  But I want something more.  I want the work that our class does to make a lasting impression.  I think that the relationship between Clemson University and the UHC could flourish with the start of OUR senior seminar class.  I hope that students in Communication Studies at Clemson University find interest in creating a class that continues the relationship with the Upstate Homeless Coalition.  It all starts with us.  

We could be the start of something great.


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