Homelessness… A Sexy Cause?

One idea that we discussed in class last Thursday, was the absence of sexiness in the cause of homelessness.  Raising awareness about breast cancer has become sexy over the past few years.  Instead of seeing a woman with no hair who is suffering with breast cancer, society has come to embrace her and see her as a beautiful fighter.  Cancer is no longer a cause to hide.  Bumper stickers, t-shirts, mugs, and many other  have been produced to help raise awareness as well as raise money in the fight against breast cancer.  

One way that our class discussed making homelessness a “sexier” cause, is to include children while raising awareness and donations for homelessness.  I feel as though when bringing helpless children into an equation, it always gives the cause more importance.  Dealing with children is a touchy subject because of all of the laws that protect underaged citizens.  I personally think that including information on how many children are homeless in the upstate will help pull at the heart strings of society’s members.


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