I’m from Greenville, S.C. and I enjoy reading the Greenville Daily Photo Blog.  I’ve added it to my Google Reader and look at the pretty pictures that Denton posts every day.  Recently, Denton posted a picture of a ball with a stretchy string inside of it hanging on a Downtown Greenville Map.  The ball is part of a new toy that was invented and designed in Greenville!  This new toy is called Djubi and features two hand-held nets and a ball with a string attached to it.  It’s basically like a game of catch, except one player launches the ball like a sling shot. (see video below). 

Before the Greenville Christmas Parade, Djubi hung many of these balls around downtown Greenville with the site “” printed on them.  These balls were also handed out to parade attenders.  I went to the site and found out that after buying a set of nets, Djubi gives buyers a free set of 3 balls!  Djubi also gives away free stuff on Twitter and has videos on YouTube.  I think it was really smart that they strategically placed the promotional balls over Greenville before the parade because of the audience that they were trying to reach.  Usually, parents with small children visit parades.  This toy is designed for children and the free set of balls promotion is for the Christmas season.  What better way to reach children and “Santa” then displaying your brand name all over downtown before the big parade??  I think this was great PR for Djubi.


One thought on “DJUBI- Good PR

  1. Thanks for the kind words! We’re glad you liked it.

    Feel free to become a fan on Facebook or follow @djubi on Twitter. And don’t forget to use the coupon code at for a last minute Christmas gift. 😉

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