Tide Loads of Hope- Good PR

After seeing a commercial about Loads of Hope by Tide, I decided to research a little further.  I quickly found out that Tide trucks with built-in washers and dryers drive to places that have recently been hit with a disaster.   The trucks let disaster victims do loads of laundry for free.  These energy-efficient machines can clean 300 loads of laundry every day.  Tide promotes Loads of Hope through its Web site, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and has multiple videos on YouTube. 

The videos are positive testimonials of people who have used Tide’s services and machines.  They list places the Tide trucks have visited as well as how many loads were completed and how many families were helped.  Below is an example of one of the YouTube video testimonials:

The Tide brand is looking like saints to the disaster victims.  When disasters occur, I usually hear about organizations donating money to help out the victims.  By helping with a task that seems so trivial, Tide is helping victims as well as helping themselves gain great publicity.

7 thoughts on “Tide Loads of Hope- Good PR

  1. Madison, I agree! This is a great example of PR, but it’s also a great way for Tide to be socially responsible. Tide will gain a lot of respect and more loyalty towards its brand because of its ability to give back and also because of it publicized its community efforts.

    P.S. I like the video, too!

    • Thanks Sarah Camille. As we learned earlier this semester, it is important to be socially responsible because it gives people more of a reason to love your organization, product, or brand.

  2. Madison, I also agree along with Sarah. I think this is a great example of PR. For a company to do something completely free of a charge for someone that is in need is a great way to build a good reputation. Every time I see the commercial about this I just think, “wow”. It definitely helps the brand be memorable as well. I would think if you saw this video then walked down the detergent isle you would definitely would think again about which detergent you were using.

    • Thanks for your comment, April. I agree that making the brand name a memorable one based on their values and ideas is key.

  3. I think this is an incredible idea for the Tide people to come up with. They saw a void and filled it. Tide will be kept on my shelf – at least until they have a PR disaster.

  4. Not sure if my recent comment got posted or not – therefore I’ll put in another one.

    I think Tide has made a successful PR move with this. They appear to be a caring and compassionate company – understanding the basic needs of humans in disasters. It’s a great idea! Thanks for the information.

  5. I admit, I have not been on this blog in a long time… all the same it was another joy to see It is such necessary subject and avoided by so many, even adept. I thank you to succor making people more enlightened of possible problems.

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