C.J. Spiller for Heisman- Good PR

Clemson University fans have a spirit for their school that is hard to hide.  As painted tiger paws on the road lead you into the town of Clemson, it is instantly easy to tell the color scheme of the esteemed university: ORANGE, ORANGE, ORANGE!  Orange shirts and orange overalls are worn by every fan.  Orange flags are hung from fans’ cars or houses.  Orange tents are stationed at every big tailgating spot and orange tiger paws are painted on the side of fans’ faces.  Often referred to as “The Clemson Family”, fans, students, and alumni are connected through their love of the Tigers.  One Tiger in particular is currently a contender for the biggest award in college football.     

C.J. Spiller is a nominee for the Heisman.  I understand that as a Clemson fan (and soon to be alum), I am bias, but I think that the Clemson family has given Spiller great PR over the past few months.  In July, 4,000 “C.J. Spiller for Heisman” posters were distributed at limited grocery stores, realtors, and quick-stops.  Other posters were sent to media outlets all over the country to promote the campaign.  Clemson’s Web site mentioned the poster campaign in an article about it on their site, along with The State , The Greenville News, The Anderson Independent and other well-known publications.  The posters were given out very quickly and pumped up fans.  It raised national awareness that C.J. Spiller was ready to fight for the big trophy. 

Clemson’s football coach, Dabo Swinney, has also been promoting Spiller for Heisman through student-wide e-mails.  When Dabo sends e-mails about game days, he also reminds the student body to vote for Spiller at this site.  He also mentions Spiller’s Heisman nomination in his press conferences.     

I think that the Clemson students and fans have also given Spiller good PR through social media.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see a Facebook status or tweet that says something about the Spiller Heisman campaign.  Although I don’t frequently read TigerNet, the Clemson sports discussion board, my guy friends tell me that it is a subject that is constantly discussed.  YouTube videos of Spiller’s greatest plays are also posted by Tiger fans with reference to his Heisman nomination.   

With Clemson University, Dabo Swinney, and Clemson fans promoting C.J. Spiller, he has a very large number of supporters that are giving him great publicity.  This is great PR.  I really hope that come voting time, all of this publicity pays off and we’re see our very own tiger bringing Clemson its FIRST EVER HEISMAN TROPHY!

2 thoughts on “C.J. Spiller for Heisman- Good PR

  1. I concur with you on the fact that this is GREAT PR. At this point, however I am just upset that all of the publicity we got for it came up with no meaningful result. So if it doesn’t accomplish it’s goal which was to get CJ the Heisman trophy (or at least an invite to New York as a finalist), although at the time it is good PR, can we still call it good PR?

    • Thank you for your comment. I still think that Clemson and the Clemson Family as a whole gave CJ good publicity. There are many other factors to consider other than PR in CJ’s case. I think that how he and his teammates played in the games leading up to the selection also had a lot to do with the choice of invitations. I personally think that the Clemson Family did all that they could to get CJ’s name out to the public in a positive light.

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